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December 25, 2019 - FormerInmate@T-554

Target Corporation Distribution Center: I was fired for quitting

When I was injured, HR blamed me for it. The application stated I could lift a certain amount of weight, which I did. The long hours, repetitive motion, physical strain and impact of hard labor was too much and both ankles were shot. I was given 4 weeks to have a doctor limit my lifting requirements so that I could be “demoted” from Warehouse Worker to Packing.

My new manager was probably fresh out of college but stupid as fuck. This dumb bitch went out of her way to interrupt my work and harass me for not making these unreasonable numbers that even seasoned workers could not make, despite my limited training and short time on the job. I was assigned to the most difficult zones every time. I would be switched to another one just in time to “flush”, which didn’t count for numbers. I was supposed to be rotated to other zones, but wasn’t. My lifting restrictions were being violated. I was being singled out. She would ask what the problems were and I would tell her. But she would disregard what were valid concerns to say it was my frantic pace that was too slow. At first I wondered if these abusive practices were their way to get rid of me because of the injuries, but I’m afraid it was even more petty than that. I had suspected that she might be a legit psychopath, so on my last day I threw her into a cognitive dissonance just to be sure. Yep, fucking psycho. She’s the kind of person who is hard to read because there’s truly nothing there behind those cold, hollow eyes.

After berating me as usual one morning, this bloated whale returns to see if I would VLE, which means voluntarily leave early without affecting accountable time like a call off would. Since I hate this place so very much, of course I do. In fact, I have only worked my full schedule once so far because of VLE. This would be my last day. And I had been left on my own for most of it because of another “code green” medical emergency. There’s a lot of those…

The kids in HR showed me how to quit properly through the Workday app on orientation day, so I did. I also updated my phone number at the same time. A few days later, theĀ  HR tool calls this new number to tell me on voicemail, in a tone much like that douchebag from Office Space, that he’s giving me a call and he’s gonna go ahead and terminate me for not coming in to work here at Target. So I calledĀ  back and set him straight. He immediately changed his tone and blamed it on tech.

I don’t know if my termination status was corrected and I don’t really care. I would rather die than work for Target Corporation ever again.


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  • viciousdave says:

    They violated disabled work compensation. You had a note from your doctor about you ankles and carry less weight. But target HR and manager didn't agree to change as you lifted heavy still. This is a violation of workers compensation. The note from your doctor should of been enough. I can only say if any other job does this to you, you need to file a law suit with a lawyer as the job violated a small disability.


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