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July 13, 2013 - bananasuit

Target by Chollas Park, San Diego Ca

I’m just glad I’m away from all the bullshit (kind of) since I work towards the bank of the store. Back to school is here again and lately I have seen ETL’s working it back there. Team work to the fullest, if only that could be an everyday thing and not just something that’s temporary due to this website. I guess they’re “trying”.

My department (somewhere in the sales floor) is on the down low lol, hush hush hush! I just play it off and pretend I’m part of the ass kissing team to all the Lod’s haha shit is CRAY! I hear them talk about who’s posting this on the site and I nearly bust out laughing. Everyone a d I mean everyone is reading this site everyday. It’s like the newest fad in town.

Even the flow team is on cue with this site, awesome team work great way to keep up to date on the latest. It’s like having a true life stories version of the RED magazine online. I want to recognize everyone who’s gotten fired, why? Cause you’re not dealing with the bullshit!

I recently got a new tattoo and there was actually a target symbol with a big bullet going through it and I though that was epic. I guess someone else feels just the same as we do about target.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    You should post a photo of that tattoo, it sounds awesome. 🙂


    Love it. Let them eat up the website. Maybe CEO should see the website and investigate his management team, and if he didn't he supports how they treat us.

  • Angelknight says:

    sounds like this site is scaring them

  • katiepurrs says:

    If they're scared they should go to church lol. Maybe all stores should unite and walk out on target or sue them for all the harassment they bring us team members oh and the retaliation too. So sad that 99% of team members are scared to say what they really feel all because they're scared of retaliation by the salaried leaders.


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