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  • July 24, 2017 - Jesse2252

    The first time I cried..

    Well I might as well tell you guys about the first time I ever cried at target and how my ETL handled it. It was a hectic evening back at electronics and mobile and I were working on CDs. On the we were the only ones on the floor  the first Hardlines employee coming in an hour or two. A huge guy came up to us, laughing and blinking a lot, and starting yelling (still laughing it was kind f scary) about how he has pressed a help button and waited 20 minutes and got help. The first two things that came to mind was how one, we wouldn’t have even gotten to 45 seconds with someone getting it. And two, how the location he was describing doesn’t even have a call button. We apologized saying we can help him but he was stuck on my apology, saying its not sincere enough and how this isn’t real customer service. At this point mobile and I are both pretty scared.

  • July 18, 2015 - EgoRoundy

    My Logistics ETL is a jerk

    I have worked at Target on the flow crew for quite a while now, and by and large it’s been tolerable. However, that all changed the moment our former Logistics ETL left to go back to school and they hired this bald-headed, Mr. Clean wannabe. What a complete and total ASS.

    To say that this guy was in love with himself would be an understatement. He tries so hard to be this aggressive alpha-male type as he attempts to live out his fantasies of being a football coach by pretending the flow crew is this sorry gang of losers who need him to turn things around. WRONG!

  • May 30, 2015 - Sin

    New schedule-maker sucks

    We have a sort-of-new ETL, who has picked up the schedule-making for the front end, since the previous one has moved to back room. Whatever, we all figured she couldn’t be as bad as the last one. Oh god, were we wrong.