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July 18, 2015 - EgoRoundy

My Logistics ETL is a jerk

I have worked at Target on the flow crew for quite a while now, and by and large it’s been tolerable.¬†However, that all changed the moment our former Logistics ETL left to go back to school and they hired this bald-headed, Mr. Clean wannabe. What a complete and total ASS.

To say that this guy was in love with himself would be an understatement. He tries so hard to be this aggressive alpha-male type as he attempts to live out his fantasies of being a football coach by pretending the flow crew is this sorry gang of losers who need him to turn things around. WRONG! We have always completed our trucks – on time – and often would go help other work centers finish their tasks. You would think this would be good enough for his royal asshole, but nope! He throws major league temper tantrums if we take so much as an extra ten minutes when unloading the truck, even if it’s a problem beyond our control like a pallet that’s been wedged in there by the distribution center. Get this – one time his ass was so bent out of shape by this, he even withheld the free morning bottle of water we have always gotten for the past 6 years that the store’s been open.

The only thing more boring than morning huddle is his personality. If he only knew how much of an egotistical ass he comes across as when he attempts to impress us by tell us about the sports car he drives, or how his son can bench press more than his own weight, what his body fat percentage is, how he was going to handle his kids with his wife away on a business trip and their nanny being on vacation, or how many miles he jogged. Yet, when the time to really impress us came? He completely bailed on the team. Last year during the Christmas rush, our store – which is a low volume store – received it’s largest truck to date, some 2,600 pieces… on a Saturday. We came in to see old chrome dome, dressed in his sweats and sneakers, holding the door for us as we came in during the morning. When we asked him what was up, he informed us how big the truck was and that he was taking the day off and heading straight to the gym located in our shopping center, that he was only there to let people in. He left our team lead there by herself to handle everything.

Speaking of not being there, he actually does that quite a bit, as he’s good for taking two to four days off a month. We don’t mind, the truck goes a lot better when he isn’t there, but still. One time he even dragged his sad 40 year old ass to a body building competition, all the way in Seattle, because he thinks he can compete with 20 somethings. Seriously, I can not stress how clueless and out of touch this assclown is. He has zero personality, zero social skills, zero leadership ability, and zero empathy. It’s like he views people as live stock to be slaughtered as he attempts to climb the corporate ladder. The sad / funny part is that after all his time at Target, Logistics ETL is as high as he ever got and in all probability, will ever be. It’s been said by other ETLs that he’s such a miserable prick because he has ‘daddy issues’ and tries to compete with his more successful brother, but that’s no reason to act like a freaking sociopath to your crew.

I shouldn’t say he acts like that to ALL of the crew. There are one or two kiss-asses – usually strung out ex-hippies who only work there for money to buy pot – who don’t mind bowing before him and serving his ego by lowering themselves to him. It’s all cool as long as you don’t make him feel inferior. If you show you have any kind of smarts, personality, or are in better shape than him, you’re going to end up on his shit list. One time he even told a female employee she couldn’t go home due to it snowing hard and the fact that she had a half hour drive back home.

The whole flow crew is bordering on mutiny. I would love it if we could organize a blue flu, but sadly most of the people there are there because they need the money. As for me? I had enough of dealing with this immature clown and plan on handing in my two weeks notice at the end of summer, bringing my tenure at Target to a close.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Lol and he is why target can pay $13.50 an hour and still can't keep people.

    • EgoRoundy says:

      Pretty much. He once told everyone that they should work more than what they're getting paid for. How does that make any kind of business sense? Imagine how long Target would be in business if it adopted that strategy.

  • Genesius says:

    The douche-bag sounds like a complete narcissist.

  • littleavery1948 says:

    What a clown. This guy screams "INSECURITY". What's crazy is, I played football for a large high school (I was a starter in some games), and I can bench more than my weight, but who cares? I don't drive a fancy car, and I am not rich, though. I am a ETL-level manager at another job who also works flow team at Target; everyone on my team RESPECTS me. This guy has no idea how to lead; he believes that using an autocratic approach is the best way; it's the best way for crappy leaders. How is this guy 40 years old and an ETL? All our ETL's are in their 20's and are completely clueless robots. I undermine the leadership all of the time; the sad thing is, at times, they know it (sometimes, they are clueless to it, because I often make them read between the lines), but they can't do anything about it, because I am one of their best. We had a terrible unload (2200 piece, 80 minute unload), and my ETL asked me what the issues were. We had the backroom team lead run the truck with our ETL (our Sr. TL is better than both of them, and he was on vacation), and pallets were stacking too high, and case packs were on the floor. The Backroom TL told us to "pick it up" (we ended with a 57 minute unload on an 1800 piece truck), while he was standing there doing nothing. I finally yelled "pull some damn pallets!!". Needless to say, I was reprimanded for "not increasing the morale of the team". He stated that he didn't know that he was suppose to help in pulling the full pallets from the line. What an idiot. No, the TL's did a poor job of managing the morale of the team; I am not a team lead there; ergo, it is not my job to increase the morale. Sometimes, you have to be mean to get things done. The problem is, you cannot trust leadership; they'll listen, and then they will blow you off. The huddles are a waste of time, 99% of the time. This ETL would hate me to death. I would be his worst nightmare; I love to destroy a terrible leader.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Target management across the board is the worst i've ever seen. They don't actually manage anything.


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