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May 30, 2015 - Sin

New schedule-maker sucks

We have a sort-of-new ETL, who has picked up the schedule-making for the front end, since the previous one has moved to back room. Whatever, we all figured she couldn’t be as bad as the last one. Oh god, were we wrong.

Now, I’ve worked at the same store for damn near 5 years, longer than all but like two or three other front-end members. And the whole time, I have been closing food ave. The new ETL comes along, and all of the sudden, I’m being scheduled for openings three times a week, and the guy who has been doing opening for two years is switched to closing. So we bring it up to her, trying to explain that in all honesty, I suck at opening and he sucks at closing. Not because we don’t do it often, but because I am very much a night-time person and he is very much a morning guy. Always have been. So we ask her if she can return us to our normal scheduling, which is when we both do our best work.

Her response was no. When asked why, she said (and I quote), “That’s retail”.

So, me and opener guy decided well, screw her, we’ll go over her and just swap our shifts on the board. One of the front end managers even agreed to sign off on our switches, because he knows how we work, and when we work best. That has worked for like two weeks; this week and next, I have all opening shifts (5x a week – good hours, shit times) – and guess what? Opener guy is now back to carts, where he started two and a half years ago. She saw we were fixing her bullshit scheduling and made damn sure we would have to suffer. So now I’m opening, he’s closing carts, and some other kid is closing food, and he won’t switch with me (and it’s not that he can’t, either. He just hates mornings). Ugh.

She’s also making it hell for our two new GSAs. She gives them usually one, MAYBE two closing cashiers, if they’re lucky. A few times she hasn’t scheduled anyone for closing cashier, or closing guest services, claiming “tee hee, newbie mistake”; newbie mistake my ass, it’s been like four months. And she’s been giving so few hours to anyone other than us in food ave. So either it’s cashier and get jack for pay, or open food ave and try not to vomit from lack of sleep. She has no effing clue what she’s doing, but the uppers in the store seem to like her, so it seems we’re stuck with her awful “leadership” skills.


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  • confused says:

    We never have closing cashiers. 2 max. And being a guest service trained team member, it sucks. I'm expected to be a miracle worker and do everything. I'm one person and can not do the job of 3, but target thinks I can.

  • viciousdave says:

    I don't like capitalism at all, but in a job, they should always keep the same person is the same area always to make accurate decisions and memory of the workers and what their hours and needs are. Why in the hell does Target always go oh now this leader on floor, this leader now on front end, this leader now on backroom. Um. Why don't you allow the real workers of floor, cashier and backroom switch places sometimes? We get tired of one place too! I asked about that and they said no you gotta become perfect in this area first. Umm, that's stupid and the reason is, some people are better alone and some are better with people. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND PERSONALITY PROBLEMS TARGET?! I'm a loner, I hate being with people, so I want floor instead, much less people! They are not accurate with regular store structure like Walmart. A leader of one area should always stay as the leader of that area until they decide to quit. It makes more sense for all of the people he leads over so they can keep there times right. Oh well that's retail. NO! This if life and worry about me health!


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