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July 24, 2017 - Jesse2252

The first time I cried..

Well I might as well tell you guys about the first time I ever cried at target and how my ETL handled it. It was a hectic evening back at electronics and mobile and I were working on CDs. On the we were the only ones on the floor  the first Hardlines employee coming in an hour or two. A huge guy came up to us, laughing and blinking a lot, and starting yelling (still laughing it was kind f scary) about how he has pressed a help button and waited 20 minutes and got help. The first two things that came to mind was how one, we wouldn’t have even gotten to 45 seconds with someone getting it. And two, how the location he was describing doesn’t even have a call button. We apologized saying we can help him but he was stuck on my apology, saying its not sincere enough and how this isn’t real customer service. At this point mobile and I are both pretty scared. This 250 lbs guy who seems the be on some kind of drug yelling at 2 teenage girls in the way back of a target. He would yell as if he was furious but also laugh at the same Tim which made it confusing and difficult to try to calm him down. Later I was told that he was so loud that the Operator all the way over in the fitting room could hear him and that he caused a huge crowed around electronics. He kept going on about different complaints. How theres no one on the floor to how my shirt is maroon and not red to how I accidentally said TSC and how regular people don’t know our target language. At this point I have tried calling AP 3 times, trying not to sound like I’m about to start bawling my eyes out. For a different reason and girl about the same age as us come back to tell us about a street dated item on the floor and get sucked in to the havoc. I then walkie the LOD (who happens to be the ETL, we’ll just call him George) and tell him there is a guest that would like to speak with him. After hearing us call for AP so many times and them calling him, I don’t get why he wouldn’t take more urgency in the call. its been about 5 minutes of him yelling and slowly getting closer to us until a random woman appears out of now coming to our aid. We are collectively to scared to say anything, and I’m trying to hold back my tears. This brave customer (I wish I got her name but we’ll call her Maddi) comes and steps in between him and us and says “What do you think your doing?! How much of a man do you think you think you are yelling at 3 girls who are just trying to do their jobs. They didn’t do anything to you.” He starts going on about how he is the manager of a hotel and his customer service would never be like this. She would rebuttal saying she doesn’t care and that he should leave us alone. George finally comes but stays about and aisle back and mobile and Maddie walk over and tells him the situation. Its now just me, guest service girl and him. He starts going “Why can’t he just come up to me? is he scared? why is he all the way over there? You guys are talking to me why can’t he?”. George then came up to us and asked if he and this guy could talk in private. They walked about aisles length down to toys so we couldn’t but we could see what looked to be them laughing and joking around. I later heard from someone else that they were talking about how the guys wife and George are from the same country or something. At this point I was full blown crying and covering my face. Maddi came up to me and patted my back and asked if I needed a hug but all I said was that I needed to go to the back real quick still covering my face. I spent about 5 minutes in the backroom bathroom wiping away tears and recuperating. Mobile told me that Maddie was still yelling at him to fuck off and how little of a man he was when I left By the time I came out everyone had left except mobile, although there were still random guest here and there that saw what happened. I remember a 40+ yr man in particular looking  at the TVs, I asked him if he needed help (obviously looking like I just cried still sniffling and everything) and just said “No honey I don’t need anything Im just hear incase that guy comes back.” He started telling me how he heard the guy yelling and was just there to protect us in case he came back, saying he had daughters and would kill someone if that happened to them. After a bit of things going back to normal George called me on the walkie to go to channel 2. I assumed it would be him making if I was ok because he obviously saw crying and how scared we were, yet all he asked was if I finished my reshops. When I clocked out that day i ran into guest services who told me that he stopped by guest services after and asked when an item was, telling me he wasn’t escorted out or asked to leave.

The next time I saw him was about 2 weeks later and he learned not to wait for a call button and go straight to electronics. I was talking to a friend from hardlines (lets call him Joseph) and right when I saw him my body froze with fear. Joseph saw how my mood totally changed and was kind enough to stay with me. He started with how my customer service today was a lot better than last time (not all on drugs) and how he appreciated it. He asked where the calendars were and went on his way. I told Jospeh what happened and he said he’d stay with me a bit in case the guy came back. I also told AP and they imminently asked me to show them who it was show that he wont be back there again. Im very grateful for how my team helped me and how these random customers took time and effort out of their days just to helps us. Especially Maddi. I think of this a lot and how I wish I asked for her name or at least thank her. If she wasn’t there who knows what would’ve happened. I am also very disappointed with how my ETL couldn’t even defend us. I know it best to deflate a situation first, but that all he did, And didn’t even fallow up with us. This has happened at 2252 on multiple times with customers harassing staff but no action being done. Maybe I should give Maddi an application.



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