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September 13, 2013 - edelmira

T1846 you suck!

So apparently from what I’ve been hearing our old HR was trying to do whatever it took to bring everyone down along with her. She got “transferred” to another store. Hmmm I wonder why? And don’t give me that bullshit about: oh they get rotated every 18 months. MY ASS!

Ive been here longer than that and so had she. So that’s bullshit “she got transferred cause of rotation” yeah whatever! So we NEVER got our best team survey results as we usually do every year. Hmmmmm I wonder why? Oh I know, cause it sucked for all the ETL’s cause this year we all wrote exactly how we felt and didn’t hold anything back. Personally I think it’s bullshit that we didnt see the results.

Im telling you this store is the worse store to work at in a lot if levels. All these stupid ETL’s think they rule the world. There has to be something that we can all do as individuals to once and for all bring this shit to an end.

T1846 you all need to be replaced, maybe even tear the damn building down. It’s so ridiculous and the morale here is still in the shits! I hate this store everyone is unhappy as far as team members and we all HATE our job better yet we hate this store!


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    I saw a local attorney was on the case for harassment and such.

  • FuckT says:

    my store is the same...our STL has been on leave for a while and our store has gotten worse since...the new vibe shit doesn't help the morale...nothing gets done because they want to focus on the vibe but of course they want to spend a dime on hours so we can do all that needs to get done in addition to the vibe...typical corporations wanting diamonds by trading shit

  • Mindy says:

    Yeah I heard she tried to drag down some of the tps guys right before she got transferred from T1846. I still think that Cloud getting fired was total bullshit. They just wanted to get rid of her. She had some kind of doctors note approved through the target insurance not really sure what it was about but it had something to do with her being sick a lot.
    From what I hear she had some like 5 excused absences from work a month and what target hated was that they couldn't write her up for it cause of her illness. Whatever it was I think she got fired for that but HR and some of the stupid cunt ETL's found "a reason" to fire her. And that lame fuck Erika is really the reason behind her being fired cause she didnt like cloud.
    But anyways, yes you're right YOU SUCK T1846

  • gordon says:

    I been reading lots of stuff about T1846. Seems like the worst Target ever? Some of the stores in district 311 is not much different. I wish a lot of the managers or senior management would just go away because they serve no purpose, stores are too corrupt, unfair, too much slackless, laziness and favoritism. Etl's are so disconnected when the stl is off or not around and we can tell that some of them so not like each other. I keep in contact with team members who have transferred to a few other stores in the same district and apparently each Target is hell. We have the same attendance issues-no none of us likes working in an environment where there is no building trust, where the work load at times is overbearing, this endless pressure to con guests into applying for the red card. I do not know what purpose our HR serves. Just another puppet who talks the talk but never walks the walk. I do not trust our Hr. Always playing nice to get into team members personal business only to gossip about it to the other etl's. Doesn't have me fooled. Certain etl's are only here collecting a pay check when their team leaders do all of the work. Our stl doesn't talk to the team members-just walk by them without even smiling or saying hello daily. I hear management talking about a bunch district and group leaders and managers leaving Target so I decided to ask one them if it's true and why are they all leaving and she told me they all quit because of Target's BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! She sounded as if she was about to quit next.


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