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September 2, 2013 - edelmira

T1846 the shittiest store in the planet

Hi everyone that loves “” you guys make life so much more fun! Regardless of what shitty day I have at 1846 I always look forward to read the latest on this site. Regardless if it’s a post about our store or just target in particular it’s always managed to make me laugh after a shitty ass day at work.

I see all our ETL’s at our store act like a bunch of fakes they’re not really losers per say cause they do have a job even though their work ethics suck as far as being FFF and being productive. They are super productive when the DTL stops by, hell I’ve even seen them pick up trash when he’s there and I really wished I could of taken a picture of that. Total Kodak moment hehehe!!!!!!!!! So tomorrow is Labor Day and let me guess??????? We are getting fed assholes, ears, tails and intestines for it being a holiday WOOHOO hot dogs for the puppies. Fucken disgusting and they could at least get kosher hotdogs like real all beef not butts and assholes. Ewww!

So everyone I’ll say 90% of my store wants to join this site I hope they do, imagine how fun that will be. Can’t wait. Well my friends I wish you all a fun and safe Labor Day and may all if you eat kosher hot dogs or something better! TOOTLES!


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