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May 7, 2019 - DestroyTarget

T-2443 Closed in 2017

Oh boy, where to start?


I haven’t posted since I worked at Tarshit way back in ye olde 2014 and I couldn’t help but laugh at all the old shit I posted. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I still think what I experienced there was godawful but it’s hilarious and unbelievable how much shit I put up with from the ignorant-ass customers to the shitty LOD/GSA’s or whatever you call ’em (why can’t we just call them managers??). My anxiety was high as fuck back then, too, so everything really took a toll on me. Anyway, this is super late news, but I am proud to share that the target of East Roswell had closed in January 2017. And good riddance!! Reading my posts brought back so many memories. Our cash registers never worked (they always shut down and rebooted in the middle of a transaction), I was constantly badgered to sell RedCards when it was clear that NOBODY WANTED ONE and thus I was rarely able to sell them, the customers acted all entitled just because they shopped at the red Wal-Mart instead of the blue Wal-Mart when in reality they ain’t shit and never will be, and the managers treated everyone like crap on the sole of their shoes. I ended up getting fired for missing a day at work but I didn’t care and still don’t to this day because I was finally free of all this B.S. I ended up working at Michaels and it is a thousand times better than working in that hell of a prison! And although Michaels has it’s own flaws, they are nowhere near as bad as the shit I had to put up with at Tarshit. The managers are friendly, the customers are awesome, it’s easy as hell to sign people up for the rewards system (and they never feel pressured to sign up) and did I mention that art supplies are everywhere? It’s Art Heaven in there!


So yeah. If anyone is deciding whether to work at Target or not, just don’t. It will drive you to insanity. I don’t care if I lose my job and get desperate to the point I’m willing to work anywhere that’s hiring. I will never choose the neighboring Target that happens to be across the street from my precious Michaels store full of  SANE people (or any other Target at that!). Target can kiss my ass. And I’m pretty fucking sure all the sinners in this world don’t go to hell. They go straight to a fucking Target with no exits, windows, or the freedom to quit. They have to work there 24/7/365, chained to their cash registers, and deal with the abuse and chaos from the demons known as the Team Leaders (LOD/GSTL or whatever the heck they are) and the illiterate snooty-ass customers who can’t read a sales sign or coupon to save their life, yet throw a tantrum just because that expired coupon or misread sign won’t take five cents off their precious total.


Target is full of fucking losers. Fuck Target.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Well I’m not surprised they are closed down. Tarshit is being a piece of shit. They crap on employees and customers/guests alike. They are such cheep penny-pinchers. They all should be ashamed.


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