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November 12, 2016 - Lex4567

SUPER Late Paycheck

So I had the classic Target experience┬áthat many of you have shared (no training, pushing red cards way too much, horrible hours, crappy leaders, bad organization of the company). I started in late May 2016 as a cashier and of course because of all the previous listings I quit about a month later (no 2 weeks notice-quit on the spot). However I JUST got an email saying I have an unclaimed paycheck. 3 weeks after I quit I called saying I have not recieved it and they say said they would mail it to me and they never did. To be quit honest, I forgot about it until now (kinda bad I know, I’m very forgetful). This paycheck is over 5 months late, should I take legal action? is there anything I could do?


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