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March 2, 2018 - MadFormerTargetEmployee

Stupid Management

So I’m now a former employee of Target Store 1371 which is in Rock Hill, SC. I got fired because I didn’t show up for work three days in a row, which I was unconscious in a hospital having seizures and target fired me just a few days ago and they leave a voicemail on my phone and I don’t find out until I listen to it which is a few days afterwards. Not only that the store manager Allie brought up my miscarriage when we were discussing my hours getting cut, which I was told three different reasons for. The first because I missed topcoat many days which I haven’t missed but 2, other than being in hospital. The second was because the computer does it itself and she can’t change it (which she has before with me to give me more hours and change some shifts for me). The third was because of my miscarriage, I got taken to the hospital by my fiancé because I was bleeding terribly and knew I was pregnant, and I got told because I didn’t handle it on my own time and handled it on targets time I would get hours cut. She has already had corporate called on her not once but 4times in the last couple of months. How can they fire me over that and a medical note saying I was in the hospital unconscious at that? They said because I never called I abandoned my job but a family who works with me at the same target told them I was in the hospital. They didn’t believe her. 😡


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  • bigrog44 says:

    You can put a lawsuit on them for that. They expect you to come in when you are having a miscarriage. Me and a former team member is talking about how stupid the management is at Target. I just quit Target over a month ago after almost 15 years of me working there.

    • MrSharkNasty says:

      She would lose that lawsuit. Most states are at will stats or right to work states which means they can fire you with or without cause. Seeing how she never had a family member directly contact the store based on most states laws after 3-days of not showing up for work or contacting them it is considered job abandonment and you're no longer an employee of that employer. She also cited prior attendance issues which is a problem. She also cited that Target attempted to contact her, which strongly favors them. She would be wasting a lot of time and money to pursue a lawsuit against Target. I'm also very curious how long she was working at Target? It sounds to me like she was less than 90-days and that is another big concern. The only thing she could try and do is prove that they treat other employees differently in such situations if she can prove Target is inconsistent she might have a case. YOU NEED EVIDENCE TO WIN. Throwing around the word lawsuit out of ignorance gets people no where.

  • bigrog44 says:

    That's why I quit Target because I feel that they treat me unfair. I was going to put a lawsuit on them, but I believe that Trump has it to where you can't win against big companies.

  • thatoneredhead says:

    When I worked at target when I got sick with something I could pass along with touch and so I got a doctor note for it so I couldn’t work for a certain amount of days. They told me they don’t take doctor notes. So they had me just throw it away. Well the second time I had a miscarage and got a doctor note again cause I missed a day of work for it and once again they don’t care they don’t take doctor notes. And then I got written up for missing the day because I was having a miscarriage and the doctor told me to come in first thing in the morning.

    • bigrog44 says:

      Jobs are supposed to take doctors note so they would know what's going on with your health and what situation you might be in. If Target says they don't take doctor's notes that show you that Target doesn't give a fuck about you. They can't write you up if they have a doctors note. Don't let them brainwash you. They tried that with me.


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