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July 22, 2012 - bucky

Stupid ETL’s

I have worked for Target for 8 years now. Overall, I like it there. Our store has a great morale and pretty nice guets. I like the people I work with and get along with the team leads and etl’s 90% of the time. Lately though, the etl’s have started this double talk and circular logic concerning the hours it takes to set a planogram. I set all the revisions in the store and do all the signing. I am also expected to push flow 6 hours a week, on Mon-Wed-Fri.

Usually, I can get it all done. Say I have 25 hours of revisions, 6 hours of flow, and then signing. Alright, I am rather efficient, I can get it all done. But sometimes, I need some support. Oh no. If there are 55 hours of revisions, too bad. They just want to ignore the problem and hope it sort itself out.

This last week, I had 55 hours of revisions including a 19 hour set in L’Oreal. No way could get all this done. When I asked for help, I was told we didn’t have the hours to give me any help. So, during our annual Great Team Survey meeting, I asked whether we actually got the hours to set stuff or not. That is a yes or no question. “Well,” our store ETL Human Resources says, “the hours our store gets are based on past productivity. The computer can tell how efficiently we are setting planograms and revisions and adjusts the hours accordingly.” What??!! So, the more efficiently youwork, the less hours you get in the future to set. So, I say, “I guess i shouldn’t have worked so effieciently in the past.” She looks at me like I am slow. I would like to see her do my job.

To make a long story short, I left Friday with only about 30 out of 55 hours of revisions done. What really grinds me is that they will expect me to pick that up next week. Forget that I have new work to do. And it will be my fault that it didn’t get done.

All of this is really a shame cause I do like Target . It is far and away NOT the worst company I have worked for. Please leave a comment. I love reading this site.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    EIGHT YEARS? Holy shit, you poor corporate slave...

    Almost every Target does that to their "team members". The signing guy at one of the stores here in my town will have 30 hours required to fulfill the projects on an upcoming adjacency, and he'll only be scheduled 16 hours to do it. The rest of his hours are filled doing the ad. Yes, the fuckin' ad.

    ....The signing guy.... prepping ad. Yep.

    That's Target for ya. Their claims that productivity last year reflects on their hour allowance this year is bullshit. Target has no way of logging that information. What they go off of is actual sales. If sales in 2011 were way up from 2010, then those sales reflect onto the year 2012 only. If sales in 2011 sucked ass compared to 2010, then you are guaranteed to see your hours slashed to pieces in 2012. It's all to do with money, money, money.

    Not only that, but say you have a project coming up that takes 25 hours in Target's eyes. Well, if your store only schedules you 18 hours to get it done, and you actually do get it done, Target has just banked 7 hours--just in your work center. Then, they do that same thing to ALL of the employees in your store, banking more and more hours. You know what the end result is?

    A fat bonus for your ETL's at the end of the fiscal year. Basically, you should just quit and move on with your life. That, or stop bitching.

  • PogTeamSlave says:

    I totally understand! I am the pog team lead at a store and last week for example we we had 40 hours of revisions and only scheduled 16 hours to complete them. So the rest of the week on my salesfloor shifts i am expected to do 24 hours of revisions as well as reshop, get carts, push truck that stupid flow team can't finish, help guests, respond to back up etc. And the ridiculous revisions due last week were haircare/shampoo that took hours and hours to finish. Target can be ridiculous and it is enough to make me want to quit at least once a week. Feel your pain!


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