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July 15, 2018 - mrsirsir

Story from a friend

I have long been gone from target. Two months out of target wooo!!! But a lot of my friends still work for target so I get the latest gossip and of course I come here to share it so here’s a story.

TL we will call her Aly. Great team lead always got everything done no matter how bad it was. She started as a team member then moved up to TL. She was always cool till she became a TL. The ETL over softlines basically fed her bullshit and turned her into a really rude person. Basically she acted like a friend to her but everyone hated this ETL. She once wrote me up in her first week because I asked for help with Flexible Fullfillment orders. Despite that’s what my STL told me to do. I took it to my ETL and she had the write up revoked.

Anyway I tried to tell aly she even knew what happened to me but she defended her. And even threatened to write me up for talking bad about an ETL so I gave up on her.

Fast forward to June. Hour cuts suck Aly can’t seem to get everything done with a lesser team so the ETL started writing her up. No coachings just write ups. Just straight write ups. Policy states your suppose to coach then write up. She never coached. So one day she told Aly “your last day is Friday” and Aly walked out. Dumb bitch of an ETL actually told her last day before it got there XD. Aly even messaged me on FB and said “you were right you were so right”

Everyday when someone talks to me about target I tell them it’s a horrible place to work. Never letting anyone end up there like I did


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