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November 3, 2014 - GrayThursdayFuqers

Store Manager says we are opening at 6pm on Thursday… Gray Thursdays and screw America!

Ahhh further proof that Target doesn’t care. We are opening at 6 pm which really meaning 4 pm for some workers on Thanksgiving. Way to go Target! If you don’t work you will be fired, regardless of circumstances. Just as bad as Walmart! Actually worse cause Walmart knows they are trashy, and Target tries to cover it up with red.


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  • targetbendsmeover says:

    So glad I left that damn place. Here is an idea how about we start Black Friday at Midnight Thanksgiving day, then you can work the whole day. It coming people brace yourselves.

  • Silverfox says:

    🙂 come on over to the canadian version of walmart then. Last year Joe fresh stand alone stores in new york observed thanksgiving and were closed. As for black friday, only a handful of stores opened but at reg hours.

    o.o is tarshit doing the same thing as well in canada digusted? dtlhater?


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