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June 16, 2013 - FATMANSAYSHAHA

Store 2255

So I worked at a store in Washington, MO #2255. When I started reading these I started to understand it wasn’t just myself having these problems as well. So 2255 in piss fresh I don’t understand how the TL is able to have her brother in law work under her. That is baffling for being a conflict of interest but they allow it. Ha the prime real estate days off he got weekends off almost all the time and I got none lol. I worked retail for a long period of time in all honesty and never dealt with as much shit as you do working with target.


Loved how the hr girl tried to bust my balls about the close/open shifts till I got a restriction note telling her to go fuck her self, lol. How about the winter hours some weeks not even scheduled and some weeks being scheduled 5-10 hours. LOL what a joke for wasting some ones time.

A few times had some severe health problems and the hr was like “with you calling out it will go on your permanent record” I’m like my health or permanent record fuck the record.¬†Don’t Waste your time trying to transfer it’s a major pain in the balls to do that. I pretty much should have been the hr since I did 85% of the footwork. If you have to work in a target store make sure you walk it and see how the clients and workers are. May be stepping into a horrible situation if you don’t.


Only a few of the management at that store I cared for rest of them were scrubs in all honesty.

Store manager and one ETL were the ones who took care of me and enough seemed sincere enough about my well being when I had my health problems.


Cashiering is another story holy fuck what is with the guests and not wanting to put their clothes on the conveyer belt, What are they not going to wash them before wearing them. Idiots none the less when they do that stuff.

Red cards at that store was cake, was like taking candy from a baby. had practically a 3% conversion rate so they never bugged me about them and in fact wanted me to coach people how to get them. Yuck coach w no extra pay.


Vibe cards: COMPLETE HORSE SHIT. In simple¬† terms the management wanted me to share more of my experiences with them by using those cards. That’s part of management is to observe your workers doing the right thing. Obvious the CEO believes his managers do not need to do that and rely on other people to do it for them.


Oh by the way the hr woman who liked to be two face transferred to the bridgeton, mo store so have fun with that fellas.


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