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October 11, 2017 - kawaiifx

Store 1374

Here’s a story about Store 1374

I was hired May of last year. I hadn’t had a job in 6 months and desperately needed a job. At first it was great. My team was great and seemed to be family. Much to my dismay I disliked the way the TL talked to the team members and entitled ladies who worked there for 15-20 years. (why? ) I was trained by an awful woman who bossed me around the entire time. I was originally in softlines. Which by the way Store 1374 is on the border of MA and RI. The traffic was awful and slammed nonstop.  I spent months working in softlines only to constantly have  over flowing reshop carts and fitting room attendant who never seemed to be doing any real work but sauntering around and talking to guests. The Salesfloor ETL constantly seemed in a bad mood. After Christmas more towards spring I asked to Cashier more since my softlines team seemed VERY clique-y. They can all laugh and when I ask questions they just stare at me.  I felt personally targeted. My HR ETL was kind enough to give me more shifts. But once she left Target I was completely removed from softlines and only cashiered. Every shift was 7-9 hours almost 35 hours a week all closing. I’d come home and be so fucking exhausted. I had knots in my feet. Once I went to cashiering the  GSETL seemed to have it out for me. I have IBS and had no issues when I was on the floor to use the bathroom. But now being upfront she seemed to keep sending her GSTL to constantly time me in the restroom.  Which caused one of the 900 reasons they tried to write me up. Had a guest complain I picked a wedgie in an aisle WHILE NOT EVEN ON THE CLOCK IN A BACK AISLE I SAW NO ONE IN.  Was written up claiming I was dressed inappropriately when I wasnt on several occassions. (I have g cup chest and no matter what I wear I have slight cleavage) even tho my outfit was always appropriate. Had the GSTL write me up for being on the phone when she is ALWAYS on her phone everywhere in the store.  ACTUALLY all the managers are on their phones constantly.

My final straw is when my GSETL tried to write me up for leaving work after asking to leave when I WAS VERY CONGESTED AND COUGHING. the LOD said he talked to the GSETL and said I could go. Saying I left work 6 hours early from my shift. Also I’m always late. I’m never late. I usually come in 15 minute  early. It’s not my fucking fault the Kronos system they use doesn’t allow you to clock in before your break.

All I did was worked myself to death. It wasnt worth it. After she tried to write me up I threw the write up at her and walked out. I’ll be valued some where else. The evil red eye wont be bothering me anymore.

Sadly my fiance is the PA Assistant. He is constantly stuck in the freezer doing bitch work. His ETL treats him like trash including going as far as making him constantly uncomfortable and making him feel like his job is always at odds.

I loved my team.

But the managers there need to sort themselves out.


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  • lunastella says:

    omg,, your story is almost the same as my story at Target,, I started last fall and was immed thrown into the lion cage,, even though the story had upper class shoppers and was in a upper class area of town,, most of the girls were extremely vicious and if they didn't like someone ,, you were all for yourself,, try calling on a walkie for help in another department for a customer and most times my call would be unanswered...of course,, all this behavior prob stemmed from a TL who routinely yelled at her workers on the floor in front of customers,, these young women had no experience in the work place and thought it was acceptable to be treated like this,, I knew I was heading south when the TL would isolate me during zoning and have me straighten up certain department without my team... also one evening when we were all back at the fitting room sorting items from the zone cart,, the ring leader of the bunch, walked by me and gave me a very hard "hockey check" for no reason other that she wanted to intimidate me... one of the other older weekend workers called her out,, so the next the working day,, I was called into the office to explain the assault,, they said they would pull and look at the tapes but of course they couldn't find anything. after that it really started getting ugly and I also was given a lot of cashiering shifts..esp working the evenings and weekend mornings... I eventually was given some softlines sifts but it was back to same of old stuff,, where the team leader would separate me from the team to zone,, then one evening she had me back in clearance 20 minutes before closing to pick up off the floor and hangup over 100+ items all by myself,,of course by closing I still hadn't completed the job.. so I put the remaining clothes in a cart and called it day... the next day,, she called me in to the offices and railed into me with a very loud and angry voice,, my brain was reeling and I decided what the hell,, I asked her do you want to quit and she said nothing,,, so I then said I'm done,, get my the paper to sign,, she called for the LOD who asked me what was the matter in her phony voice,, and I replied there was no pleasing this woman,, and I want to quit,, I filled it out and told her I want to leave,, so out the door I went,,,i was clearly the worst working experience of the 50+ years,, I was under the impression that Walmart was the evil empire,, but I have to say,, Target is the real devil with it's red circle,, they have everyone fooled,, I thought before I applied it prob would be an working environment like Costco,, boy was I wrong,,,my only real question to the readers,, is why did they isolate me from the other workers?? what was reasoning? I was just a fool and hung on to that crappy job for way to long...


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