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May 22, 2015 - Ludwig

Stand up for yourself

My last two weeks at Target were terrible.  I was told I was the best cart attendant they ever had.  I have a panic disorder and a few other disabilities.  Anyway after a meeting with an LOD who I never did anything wrong to, but still had been trying to destroy my life and had been warned for it crossed the line.

The week before she asked me If I could work the one day of the week I had doctors appointments.  I told her yes but I had to talk to human resources first.  We had a meeting.  Anyway, the human resources girl had decided that even though I had a panic disorder I was not allowed to contact her via e-mail.  The LOD had been blackmailing, tricking and threatening me.  The HR girl purposely also scheduled herself to leave after I was coming in.  Even when I tried to talk to her and she was leaving she would tell me If you don’t stop talking I’ll report you for harassment.

The LOD had sabotaged my schedule to make me miss work.  Than she put a tail on me to the liquor store.   I was told by the store team leader it was not a big deal.  Than another team leader told me a load of nonsense about how this ETL was untouchable and had friends in high places and an incredible lawyer and I was bringing a knife to a gunfight.  I was bringing a bazooka.  Anyway at the end of the night this ETL who had been on her phone with her friends at who were higher up to make it go on my permanent record.  I told her I wasn’t signing it.  I said “please tell me you didn’t just spend all night with your friends making sure it went into my employee record.


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