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May 23, 2015 - brokencart

Sounds like fun right?

Just found this site after closing tonight and thought I’d rant a little. I work on softlines and I’ve been there a little over a year. I’m lucky enough that my Lods ect. leader type people are all really nice and so are my co-workers which is why I’ve stayed so long.

When I first got there it was great but ever since we switched to stupid mytime to schedule everyone we’re never fully staffed anymore. I’m usually scheduled for a 8hr closing shift by myself with an operator. There are usually 1-2 people hardlines and 1-2 people market and I know this because I can see them on the schedule sheet at the fitting room but for some reason none of them ever reply for back up.

I’m literally the only person in the store that goes for backup even if I wait and don’t reply because I just got back on the floor or because I’ve gone up five consecutive times nobody responds and then they end up calling my name on the walkie to come up for backup.

I end up doing all of the backup throughout the day wondering if those other people on the other side of the store are really there, trying to finish my zone for well the entirity of softlines, covering the fitting room breaks, pushing from the back, taking calls, and helping “guests.”

I was hired for softlines but for some reason I also get scheduled for cashiering, sometimes market and occasionally hardlines. I hate all of these areas but I hate cashiering more than anything there because I have to deal with all of the rude, stupid, annoying “guests.” I was not hired as a cashier and I do not want to cashier but I keep getting scheduled for 8hr 45 min mid day weekend cashier shifts every single week. Sounds like fun right?

If the guests weren’t so terrible and there were more than two people working on the floor per day and I wasn’t the only person who responded to back up and I didn’t get scheduled over 8hrs or for positions I wasn’t hired for and always for the crappiest times then it wouldn’t be so bad. Every night when I leave now I spend the last 15 minutes filling three carts with everything that was on the ground.


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