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November 14, 2011 - unhappybirthday

SOS from Target ASAP.

I just started out a couple weeks ago. I work for the flow team and obviously it ain’t my dream job. Starting out at any job is difficult, but for Target? Being new at Target sucks. Everyone does everything a different way so once you think you’ve got something down, you work with a new person and they tell you you’re doing it wrong even though that’s how you learned how to do it from someone else. There are a few sketchy rude people who I’ve worked with, but especially today I worked with the Target Nazi who I’ll call. She’s a younger girl, maybe a couple years older than me, but she was just so rude and blunt. If I’m doing something wrong, it’s nice that you’re informing me, but I don’t think it’s necessary to berate someone for something that they’re just learning. Oh and I hate working the push line. For a new person it’s so stressful, especially if you have to work so many pallets. I was assigned to take care of 28, 29, 30, but the person who was supposed to do 30 and 31 would not pay attention or always walk away from their spot so I would scramble for different packages for mine and hers. Nobody teaches me how to do anything, I ask them a question or where to put something and they all just say that “I’ll take care of it.” It’s like thanks, but no thanks, just tell me where to go or how to do it and I’ll do it. I hate how people at Target act like they’re curing cancer, it’s the most ridiculous thing. It’s like really?…you work at frikkin Target, stop acting like you’re so important. Every day I work I wake up feeling sick & feeling like I have to vomit because I can’t stand this Target gig. On break I go to the food avenue area and eat because I really don’t want to talk or socialize with all the Target co-workers. They’re all so clique-ish as well. Target is like high school. Get me the eff out of here!


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