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July 27, 2013 - thisjobsucks

Sorry this is so long…

Sadly I’m even leaving things out…


I’ve been a flow team member for almost 4 years over 2 stores. During the 4th quarter of 2012, I took a 6-week leave of absence because I literally couldn’t take it anymore. If you have a strong work ethic and attention to detail you’ll lose your mind working here.

I was, what I like to call “cart bitch.” I had to process repacks from the truck and push all of the carts by myself. It’s generally impossible to do this all by yourself and at the end of the day when you have carts left over, they give you shit about it. They ask you to stay late EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. like you have nothing better to do than listen to them whine about things not being done for another two hours. SCHEDULE US when you need us. Don’t get mad when no one stays late.

We are about 10 people short on our team according to our STL. On top of that, they let 3 people take vacation on the same week because they didn’t bother to look at the calendar when they approved them. I’m not saying you should deny people vacation, but maybe if you hadn’t screwed everyone over people might want to compromise.

They expect market to be pushed so fast that it’s impossible to FIFO and finish in the allotted time. I’ve been using the “I can do it right or I can do it fast” phrase a lot lately.

The ETL is hardly ever in the backroom during the truck unload, and when he is – he’s telling us to “GIVE 110% (as if we aren’t already, how insulting!) TO GET THIS TRUCK DONE BY 5:30!! Doesn’t matter if it’s a 2400 piece or 1400 piece truck, it should still take an hour and a half!” The TL on the other hand, is pulling pallets. Though I see him do considerably more work than the ETL (typical I’ve come to realize) he takes forever to pull pallets (when he isn’t busy pushing PIPO pallets instead) and when he does, he doesn’t replace with an empty like we’re required to do if we pull for each other. I’m probably the smallest person on the team; yet I’m consistently put on the ‘furniture’ and ‘bulk plastics’ spot on the line. They rush us and when pallets aren’t perfect they flip. Maybe if you pulled our pallets when they were full and didn’t push us so hard we could rearrange as needed! We’re literally sweating through our clothes (which we’re only allowed to change during our break, so we don’t bother) because there’s no AC or fans.

Our TL is the biggest micro-manager on the planet. He has no idea how to manage different people and treats us all like we need him constantly up our butts asking us what we have left to push. He will literally go up and down the bowled-out HBA aisles to see what’s left, over & over, instead of jumping in an aisle. And when he does – it’s ALWAYS my aisle when I have <10 boxes left. WTF? I’m one of the hardest-working people on this team, what more do you want?!

We are asked for feedback on how the unload process is working, but our ETL only wants to hear the good. I told him I had 7 pallets by myself (which I have multiple times since then, but he’s never there to see it), which was answered with a condescending basic math problem to try to prove me wrong, in front of the whole team.

Flow is blamed for EVERYTHING – even things we have nothing to do with, when we’re the ones always picking up messes from the other teams.

Forget it if you have a confidential matter… whatever you say will be talked about as soon as you leave the HR office.

If I hadn’t transferred, I would probably be an ETL by now and would do a better job than most of these lazy, tactless jerks. If they didn’t need bodies so badly I would have probably been fired by now for stirring up the pot.

Literally – your blood, sweat and tears are not enough for this place!


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