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December 2, 2015 - caligirl90

So long target!

as promised here is my post and update ( i posted about a month ago). i made it past my 90 days but after dealing with this place for a mere 3 months enough was enough! i went on a filling out application spree and got a job at a company that pays me more , has advancement potential and actually treats its employees like human beings! i also am so happy i gave no notice and left a week before thanksgiving and on top of that they are short handed as it was 🙂 next i will discuss what i could not stand about this place as i am mainly doing this as information for anyone considering applying at this this and why not to ! if i can help even one person i will feel like i did something good for society lol

if your thinking of applying here for “just a part time job” think again…. not happening. this place has ABSOLUTELY no regards for your outside life OR availability.You will be scheduled on days you cant work and before or past your available times often, their excuse will be…..we have to schedule you to acccomodate “business needs” so if you think its just a 10 or 20 hour job it isnt…try more like 30 – 40. Also they will constantly call you on your days off to work because people are always calling in . so expect them to blow you phone up with messages. i stopped answering it all together.

As a sales floor member you have to do a TON of things in addition to your job which makes it impossible or near impossible to get YOUR work done…let me explain. lets say you scheduled for a 5.5 hour shift. instead of starting on YOUR job expect at least 5 ( and thats low ) pulls left from the day shift that decided to not bother getting them done , in addition to the night time pulls that are yours. you may get this done in 2 hours….if your lucky.then you have to cover electronics lunch and 15 min break. theres 45 wasted mins. then because they company never schedules enough cashiers , expect about an hour of back up cashiering. if you ignore the walkie like i did often they will then call out people by name to do it. cutting it close right? well you have reshops to do, go down your assigned zones and grab abandons and zone these distasters, guest carry outs, “vibe” with guests ( thats another story alltogether)….fast forward to the end of your shift… will snidely wonder why you arent done yet ?! you cant even reason to these complete idiots how if your physical being is in one area you cant literally be in YOUR area doing YOUR work. they seriously look at you stupid and dont understand this simple concept.not to mention the management will NEVER lift a finger to help with any real work. its a travesty these clowns even get a paycheck. i think a child running a lemonade stand on a street does more work than the target LOD’s

here are some other annoying things….guests will literally not even try to find anything on their own and ask you to find the most ridiculous things and often they dont even know what the item is that they are looking for is called ! the equipment sucks! your “my device” will always lose its wi fi signal and become useless or will die halfway through your shift. also unsafe equipment. whoever thought those box cutters were a good idea is a complete idiot!! often people leave them open in the my device holder so if your not careful 100% of the time you will cut yourself with an exposed razor!you will also be expected to stay late all the time! then when you are done you are at the whim of the LOD until they decide to let you out. ridiculous.

here is the most important and serious paragraph i beg everyone to read , please! as i have never seen a post cover this. This job WILL cause you to lose self worth in yourself VERY fast … let me explain.. your core job function is VERY easy . anyone could do it! the problem lies in all the extra bullshit they add onto it that makes it intollerable. what will happen is you will do your job and sometimes say ” eh i guess ill just deal with it. maybe it will get better, it is kinda easy ” this line of thinking will cause you to never wanna look for something else, fall into a depression and think this might all you think you can be able to do. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!!! please know that there are better places out there! anything is better than this place and i truly mean that ! it is so soul sucking and depressing its not even funny! believe in yourself if your here and get out!! if your thinking of applying please, i beg you dont bother!! this is seriously the worse place i have EVER worked for.



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