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August 18, 2016 - MegaDeathShark

So it’s been decided that “I don’t work with a sense of urgency”

First, a little bit about me. I’m a flow team member for overnight. I believe that I am an excellent employee, team member whatever the fuck you wanna call it in target terms. I started during fourth quarter. There were at least twenty of us. All have left by summer while I remained. So I honestly believe that they are incredibly lucky to still have me because everybody else saw through the bullshit that is Target. I show up on time everyday, zero no call no shows, and only one call out the entire duration that I was there. I come in, bowl out, then start stocking. Now when I stock, I don’t just do whatever. I will actually stock according to the DPCI. At my store almost NOBODY does that. If the display area that I’m stocking is fucked up, I will take some time to straighten it out. I will also check merchandise for dual locations such as end caps, side caps, and seasonal which is a whole ‘nother floor. Even with all that, I can still work within a reasonable time frame. So I believe that I am an efficient worker. Let me give an example. Last night, I was instructed to bowl out in chemicals. I managed to bowl out all eight pallets of chemicals on my own before break was called. Because if I ever bowl out chemicals, they’ll never EVER send me help. At least three of those pallets were heavy shit. I’m talkin’ huge boxes of Downy and Tide.

So this leads me to today. I come in and get started. I do my usual thing, finish helping out with the bowl out then end up in and aisle and start stocking. Here I am working in my usual efficient manner(trust me when I say that when I work, no actions are wasted because I know exactly where everything goes), This TL who used to work dayside, who was promoted recently only because he was buddy-buddy with the ETL comes up to me and says this to me in verbatim, “So I just want to let you know that before someone comes and coaches you, that some team leaders have been observing you and they see that you are not working with a sense of urgency.” I was fucking insulted. Like to the fucking core. These team leaders who have been “observing” me aren’t even around! They never see me work! So how would they know?! I’m even more insulted that the TL who told me this didn’t even stick up for me. He knows that I work efficiently and not to mention NEATLY. I swear to god “sense of urgency” is their most favorite phrase. I hear it every fucking day during the huddle. Like what the fuck does this sense of urgency even mean? Is somebody dying?

After all that was said to me, sure, I was mad. Did a lot of thinking. Pretty much wanted to ask for my resignation form, but after calming down for a bit, I was able to come up with a solution. So what I did today and will be doing from this day forward, was I flexed FUCKING all the merchandise. If any of you do not know, “flexing” is a term that we use when you do not stock according to any label. Basically, it’s like this, if there’s space on the shelf, put it there. Who cares? As for shit with dual locations? Nope, I’m not gonna check anymore. Back stock that shit. Ah, a burden no longer. Such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I tried to help them out in driving sales by checking multiple locations, stocking accurately, and such. But if they’re not going to appreciate it, then fuck it. But hey, at least I was able to triple my work speed. I just hope they enjoy having inaccurately priced merchandise. Because if I recall correctly, they have to honor their price tags and sell merchandise accordingly. So yeah, a bottle of Jack Daniels for $5.00? no problem, I’ll hook you guys up.



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  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, and that's target's number one problem. They always go come on do it quicker we need it done, quick quick, go go fast, do more, your not fast enough. Yet you did more than anyone did yet they don't even appreciate it. Oh well, Target will be losing thousands of dollars with items on the wrong money paper slip under it on the shelf.

  • Miss C says:

    Wow....sounds like the bullshit at my old store

  • flowing311420 says:

    Ugh... Dude.. I had my Stl pull me into one of thoes little rooms in tsc to fucking tell me that I need to give 110% every single day. I have never wanted to literally rip some one apart with my bare fucking hands more than him... I was seeing red to the point that I just opened the door and walked the fuck away from him before I ended up in jail...

  • FirstTimerRetail says:

    Just happened to me dude. I'm like you. Organization trumps speed. It looks like that got you into trouble too. I was told I was to slow. So I sped up and then told my area is in dis-array because I flexed. I quit that night.


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