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January 6, 2014 - Juliew279

So apparently I didn’t “fit” the mold?

I was hired to work at a Target Starbucks in Canada in November 2013…..I was excited! I thought that Target treated their employees with respect and dignity….or at least that was what I was told in the interview.

I worked my butt off….literally….was always on time……never disrespected anyone….always stayed late when help was needed and never complained about my job to anyone.  But I was the only 30 something year old with 2 kids.  EVERYONE else EXCEPT the team lead (she was also 30 something) was in their early 20’s….worried about school projects and partying,

I worked and didn’t like standing around and talking about what happened that weekend….or who was sleeping with who and who was cheating on who with who…..ect ect.   But I wasn’t barista certified even though I did the “training” and knew I could be……When I asked about certification I was told that I didn’t know my stuff (a lie) and that I wouldn’t pass certification……so I took the bible (book with all the drinks) home and studied it…..and I worked constantly on my “bar routine” and had other co workers who didn’t mind testing me….and they all said I was doing great and would have no problem being certified. After a few weeks I again asked to do the certification and was told again that I still didn’t know my stuff….so again I kept working on it.

Its been a little over a month since I started working there…..I kept my mouth shut…..didn’t complain about hours (unlike everyone else)….was friendly to everyone and was PROFESSIONAL at all times……then this past Saturday (Jan 4 2013) I was working hard on dishes in the back kitchen when the TL comes to speak to me…..before she came back she sent the trainer on break. She then starts telling me that I apparently don’t like working with this trainer and that I had a problem with her…….I WAS SHOCKED! I said I don’t think so……I don’t have a problem with anyone here to my knowledge…..and she continued to hound on me that I apparently didn’t like this person and couldn’t stand working with them…..I again told her that she was misinformed and that I knew for a fact that I had no problems with anyone.  She then continued to tell me not to be shocked when in a few weeks from then when I was let go because she couldn’t continue to justify with the managers higher up to keeping me when I wasn’t barista certified. I was floored…..I had asked 3 times in the time I was there to be certified and was always given the same “you don’t know your stuff” excuse.

When the girl came back from her break… was time for me to take mine…..I asked her point blank before I left for break if I had ever done/said anything to her that would give her the indication that I didn’t like working with her or didn’t like her in any way……and she looked at me totally shocked and confused and said no……and with that I knew that either she was a really great actress or something else was happening here that was really passive-aggressive. I texted my hubby on break and said that I thought that they were setting in motion the brick work for letting me go….But I worked the rest of that shift as hard as it was for me because I decided I wasn’t going to let anyone get the best of me…as hurtful and upset and frustrating as that situation was.

The next day (Yesterday) I had off and thought about what was happened the day before…….I knew that if I called the integrity line that it would do no good and that I would be putting an even bigger bulls eye on me than what had already been placed there for what ever reason that I can’t figure out (other than the age difference).  Its just frustrating to me because there is NOTHING professional about this situation at all……and even day cares have rules FFS!

So fast forward to this morning……I was scheduled to work the closing shift today……..and all week for the rest of the week. I gathered all my aprons and hats and name tag and discount card and put them in a garbage bag and took them right back to the store where I QUIT! Wasn’t my original idea……I was planning on staying professional and giving my 2 weeks notice (had the professional letter printed up and everything) and rolling with the punches for those 2 weeks…..and I had NEVER in all the years that I worked (and I had been out on my own since I was 15…working and going through HS to graduate) ever quit a job until this morning.

I walked into the store at 8:30 am when I knew that she would be there….asked to speak to her privately and then told her that due to the conversation that we had on Saturday…..and the fact that I had been up worrying about this all night when I should have been worrying about the pediatrician appointment that my youngest daughter had that same day….. I Quit. She asked me if I was just giving my notice or was she going to have to cover all the shifts that she gave me all week? (And I was thinking how stupid can ya be???)  So I said to her one more time very slowly that I quit and that she wouldn’t or shouldn’t have any problems finding people for all those shifts because everyone every where wanted extra shifts it being after Christmas and all. She told me that I had to go back into the back office where HR is and tell them that I quit and threw the bag full of aprons back at me and that she would be back in a moment.  I went back to the back office and (big surprise….like always….HR person was not there…..she was somewhere on the floor)….so I waited a few minutes… one came back so I left the bag full of aprons and shit right there and left. Walked right out the front door waving to them as I left……

Was it the graceful and professional move that I wanted to make??? Absolutely not…..but I came to the conclusion that there is nothing professional about a situation like that….and therefore what is the sense of trying to make sense out of nonsense?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Congratulations! That's wonderful. Shitholes like target are not worth the stress or frustration they cause.

  • target666 says:

    Well Target is a job, yes. But like the title of my post, I rather be jobless than work at a Target. I'm so glad I'm not the only who feels this way. When you are treated like crap, we as humans, tend to over think things and take out our aggression. I'm 27 and married. No kids. But I too had to work with those who were immature and much younger than me. Know why those people don't quit? Because they don't mind being whooped because that $8.50 per hour is their only means of income. We are too old for this crap.

  • Silverfox says:

    😉 come up here to canada then They have to pay everyone $10+ per hour. In alberta, they have to pay almost $12 per hour or no one will apply even though the min wage is 9.95

    • TargetGrunt says:

      Not to be rude, but the very first sentence is "I was hired to work at a Target Starbucks in Canada in November 2013."

      If there's anything I've learned from this site, Target is Target regardless of country.

  • Silverfox says:

    Look on the bright side, at least you're being paid more than a lot of other people on this blog.

    • TargetSucks says:

      Ha, that's like saying "at least there's corn in the shit you're eating!" 😉

      • Silverfox says:

        it's true! Depending on where op is, he's getting paid $10-$11.90 per hour and a lot of people on this blog are being paid less.

        • Juliew279 says:

          "He" is actually a she and yes I was getting paid that an hour.....but that being said, putting up with passive aggressive bs means you are not getting paid enough.....don't matter where you are

          • Silverfox says:

            like i said look on the bright side, folks on this blog are getting similar treatment yet put up with less pay, but they are forced to pay you more because of canada's $10 min wage. They have to pay us canadians $3 more haha. And they can't even get away with min wage in alberta because of the oil rigs. No one will work for them if they offer min wage. Who would? When there's a nice oil rig job that pays more.

  • target666 says:

    Am I the only one that twitches a little every time they pass by the target where they worked at?

    • Escaped says:

      I actually really like going back into my old store. I walk in with a big smile on my face seeing all the worst team lead's I had still stuck in their dead end lives. I hope they're there forever and ever, and that every time that I visit I can make small talk with them about how great my life is going, sometimes even making extra stuff up just so they feel as shitty as they used to make me feel. I just feel bad for my friends who are still there.

  • viciousdave says:

    You worked you but off, you did it all, you even did overtime when needed for others who didn't show up. If anything, at my store you would of gotten a lot of VIBE cards from my store's manager saying thank you for staying and doing more for our guests and giving more time. My manager Brenda always thanks me for extra work I do. However my problem is more of guests, not the job in general. For you, you got screwed, you gave it your all and more, you did the job and somehow even when you did it all right and you know you did, they say no that's wrong. If anything, I think the woman who lead the starbucks had all the drinks in her head a different way and while you did the book exactly, it wasn't the way the leader knew the things. Maybe should of showed her, but it's even better that you quit because they are lazy assholes there who never do there job as good as we the employees do. Team leads are lazy idiots who don't do the job as long and hard as we the employees do, they never do.

  • disgusted says:

    Target leaders never stop with their lies in an attempt to take blame off of themselves, and try to put it onto the real workers all the time, hearing about your starbucks TL and her lies is horrible behaviour for someone who is supposed to be a leader, but this is the usual at target, rather then the exception sadly. The way target treats employees is very very bad, and there is nothing you can do about it, except what you did, walk out the door. Congratulations!!!


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