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June 26, 2012 - AnimeWildfire

Slaving away in ohio

I;m 21 years old and I’ve worked at a local target in Ohio for about a year and a half now. I’m usually in softlines, but I know hardlines just as well. It started out great, but FORGET THAT!! I don’t even know where to begin!! Not only do I have stories, my boyfriend who has worked there for almost 6 years  has told me stories of food ave and starbucks workers being forced to work sick, even said one girl was forced to come in to work when she had strep throat!!!! This store also does not take doctors notes!! WTFFFF who doesn’t take doctors notes?!?!?! IF YOU’RE SO F*CKING SICK YOU GET A DOCTORS NOTE YOU CANT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STarbucks and food ave is also CONSTANTLY getting cheated on their breaks. My boyfriend will work 1pm-930pm in food ave, go on his first break at around 4 and then his lunch about 5:30-6ish, and NEVER get his last 15!!!!!!!! But of course, the GSTLs get all their breaks!!! Also, our HR is a total f*cking bitch!!! she acts all nice to your face, but will turn on you in the blink of an eye!! shes so untrustworth and crazy that EVERYONE gave her bad reviews in the stupid surveys they made us take. Our actual store manager and 1 or two lods are the only nice ones there. One of the managers is such an ass, he “documented that we talked” when I forgot to turn my walkie back on after using the bathroom!!! WTH!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the 2nd time he lectured me over something stupid!!! It got to the point where I complained to the manager because I was actually afraid to work with him in case he wrote me up again!!! I’ve actually been written up because I didnt f*cking WALK fast enough!! SERIOUSLY?!?!? I didn’t WALK Fast enough?!?!?! They breath down our necks every five minutes, demanding to know where we are at all times. A couple weeks ago, my parents happened to come in right after I clocked out for lunch, so they sat with me the whole time and afterwards asked me to help them find a couple things they needed cause, you know, thats my job and shit. Well as I was helping them, this @#!%#$@! bitch TL spotted me across the store and called me over the walkie and lectured me IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS that I wasn’t moving fast enough in my zone and “needed to get moving”. then as she waddled her fat ass over past my zone, the store manager walked by and asked if she’d found me because conveniently, neither of them had heard me call over the walkie that I was talking my lunch (on time I might add) and when the TL made a face and nodded, the manager made a rude face and rolled her eyes, again IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!! when I got home that night, my mom told me my dad was SO Pissed he almost went up to the tl and let her have it. UGH!!! I have missed 2 vacations with my family because target wont approve my request a month before hand, and if i mention I’m planning on going on vacation, I suddenly get scheduled 35 hours that week!!!!! I had to miss thanksgiving with my family because target wouldnt let me go!! I’m so sick of being screwed over by this company!!! I’m constantly stressed out from walking around on eggshells all the time, and getting paid less than $8 an hour for it. I’m sick of having 3-4 zones in softlines and having to run my ass off zoning and doing reshop while the lods and tls do nothing but walk their lazy asses around the store all night!! My brother wants to apply at target and I’ve told him to forget it!! My boyfriend has worked there for almost 6 YEARS and makes less than $10 an hour!!! He’s planning on enlisting in the airforce next year, and we’re talking about getting married before he does enlist. It won’t be long before I leave this hell hole of a company behind!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • viciousdave says:

    I know how it is. I do the team leads job half the time. We need bags, we need the trash out at food ave and starbucks, we need carts on grocery side, waiting 20 minutes for a supervisor overwrite code, THEY NEVER DO THERE JOB for what they were hired for! It's bullshit. I'm the one who went to college for retail management specifically, yet there's no room for another GSTL or supervisor of anykind anywhere? And when I'm the one who gets my own job done and I do other peoples job, I go above and beyond for the guests and leading the store for the team leads, yet I never get recognized once so ever for the extra help I provide everyday! Target is not a company, it's a place of mind games and playing favorites, while the hardcore hard ass get the job done people like us get fucked over!

    • TargetSucks says:

      Stop working so hard if you ever want to get promoted. 😉

      • viciousdave says:

        Yeah I know, the social deletes always get the supervisor roles. Well I'm not a social ******, I'm an anti-social person who likes to do physical work alone. And I do more than anyone else ever does. It means it should be recognized and it's not because the social fucks are talking to much to see what I'm doing. There having fun while I'm having fun doing the god damn work!


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