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May 12, 2014 - pentiger

Sister store to the rescue!

I work in a Target store that has been very understaffed for years now.  Our flow team, my team, currently takes trucks with about 12 people everyday, 5 days a week usually.  We need at least 5 more people for things to get any where near done any given day.  But of course we are told that everyone is failing drug tests or background checks.  So we get to suffer rolling one day in to the next.  Today is Monday May 12 and tomorrow we are supposed to get a huge visit from the regional manager, great.  So what does Target do?  They send in people from 3 other stores to get everything pushed and the entire backroom backstocked and clean.  Wouldn’t be bad if they weren’t gossiping half the time, or they gave our team the jobs that require you to know the store.  Instead the other stores go in to our backroom to backstock everything.  This is the 3rd time this has happened and last time THE MANAGER DIDN’T EVEN SHOW UP!!!  Now we get to spend the next 4 months fixing everything they just screwed up in our backroom while we all feel that we suck.  Another wonderful day at Target.


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  • needanewfreakingjob says:

    Yeah, the same thing happened at our store several times. They would schedule extra people because some SVP was going to visit us plebes. "Come on, everyone, let's get this place SPOTLESS! Mr. Head Honcho is coming on Wednesday!"
    So...I guess Target senior executives don't actually shop at Target, because going to all this trouble implies that they have never been in an average store on an average day. No, I suppose not...they wouldn't want to get their expensive suits all mucky with middle-class dust.


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