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December 2, 2015 - IFHSS

Shortest target stint ever?

I had always wanted to work at target because I like shopping there. There’s always cute girls, ALWAYS, and they have good stuff (better than walmart) and good prices. So I applied at the Escondido targets, (yes, there are two) and they sent my app to the new target in Del Sur. (This new one hadn’t opened yet). They sent me an email and I called them the next day after getting a haircut, and got an interview for the next day. I had recently quit my other job to focus on school because I am set to graduate next semester. I also quit being at a restaurant because I did not want to get out at 1 or 2 in the morning every weekend.  Not sure what I want to do after graduating but since I am quiet I wanted to work on my social skills and thought being a cashier would help. So I went in for a cashier interview; I had read that interviews were pretty easy here and that was the case, for the most part with both TLs. The first girl liked me and I could tell she was honest when she said that, and that I would be a great fit at target. Then the second TL (the first ones boss, I guess) came in and asked me questions. Pretty simple, I answered confidently. At the end she tells me that they “Don’t really need cashiers right now”??? Which was weird because they sent my CASHIER application to them from the Escondido stores. Then she tells me that she has something that may be a better fit. Better fit because people with bubbly personalities make the best cashiers and I wasn’t that. Better fit because I mainly have hard physical work on my resume. (she didn’t say it that way but those were the reasons she said and implied respectively) Then she explains that it is called a cart attendant, BUT WAIT they’re now calling it *Brand Attendant*! WOW!!! Then she tells me a bit of what they do and that we are the first to help the cashiers when they need it. Also, that if I could sell red cards then I could be a full time cashier. So I say okay, I agree to this. Then when she leaves to go get the lady who is supposed to do the paperwork with me, I hear someone say “Do we need another cart attendant?!?!?!” “…blah blah blah…OKAY!” So a week later or so, I go to orientation, which they had to email me for because they didn’t have my number? I started training my next day. I quickly realized that we were the cleaners. I asked one of the guys if they had already been trained for cashier. He says yes, but he hardly gets to do it, and it is stressful because sometimes they will have a supervisor there and they HAVE to offer red cards. At this point my mind was already drifting towards quitting. I am only scheduled for like 3 or 4 hours because I have to get to class; so they have me do some of the online training. I did one of the longer ones, I think it was about some chemical safety stuff, or cleaning up and disposing of chemicals. Then they have me do the alcohol sales or whatever. I failed because the lady opened it for me and scrolled down so I did not realize there were two pages of information, lol that one is one me! One thing that really bugged me was what I heard when I was doing this online training. I heard them say that someone called out (a cashier) and they were not sure if they had someone because they had spent Monday calling people to fill in shifts for the week, and probably did not HAVE anyone to call! Wait, didn’t the TL tell me that they didn’t NEED any more cashiers??? WTF! Given, I would not have been able to cover that shift, but that is not the point. They ended up BORROWING someone from the Poway store!!! So at this point I am upset that she lied (withheld information) to me about the cleaner, wait, *Brand Attendant* position, and that she lied about not having any cashier positions. I am a friendly guy and even though I am quiet, I can talk to people in situations that call for it, like customer service. So I go home very upset that I quit my job and was now at a place that had not met my high expectations and was simply the worst job I had ever had. That day I really though about the pros and cons of staying and decided that it was best to quit. It took me a while to decide when and how to do it, even though I hated it, I did not want to just leave them hanging. I seriously thought of just staying for the two weeks of training I had been scheduled for. I decided that it was not worth it, I would rather use that time to study instead of cleaning after people. Still, I did not want to leave them hanging. I thought about going in and telling them, or calling (but the structure at Target is so stupid and confusing that I wouldn’t know who to tell, I could have called and asked to talk to someone about quitting but fuck them, liars), and ended up sending the HR girl and the “trainer” (who btw seemingly only sits there and sets up interviews and calls people to see if they can come in for someone). I told them that this was not what I expected and that even though I agreed to it, I applied for cashier and was quitting my position. My next shift was on Saturday and clearly, they (BOTH) didn’t get the email (which I thought was very weird) because they called me an hour and a half after my shift was supposed to start. I thought they HAD seen the email and simply didn’t want to talk to me ever again (fucks given=o). Anyway, I didn’t answer the phone, I wish I had though, just to see what they said of my reasons and the TL’s lies. My next shift wasn’t until Tuesday or Thursday. They called again on Sunday, probably wanting to know why I hadn’t shown up, again, I did not answer and had the same feeling of wanting to answer (but, fuck them, also, fucks given=o). That was it, they never called again. I still shop at the local targets even though I never want to work at any store like this again. It was a huge disappointment because I had wanted to work here for a very long time and really like shopping at target. I am glad that I did not stay for more than the first day. I have already proven that I am a hard worker, my resume should tell them this and I will never take a job like this again.


1 Applied for cashier

2 App was sent to a brand new store (because THEY didn’t have any positions available) (at my local targets)

Bitch then why does the website say you do???

3 Lied to about cleaner (cart attendant position) as well as them not having any cashier positions. (at the new store)

4 Agreed to cleaner position.

5 Went to first day of training and realized I was a cleaner.

6 During online training, overheard that they were not going to have enough cashiers to fill in for those who called out that day. Saw them borrow a cashier from another store. Got pissed because they lied to me.

7 quit by email because they didn’t deserve a call or in person visit, plus who TF was I supposed to talk to?

8 fuck them.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Let me put it this way. Hours are finite. Add in more cashiers each cashier ends up getting hours get decreased so nope don't need anyone taking their hours away. But since it's busy season and there is a lot of putaways they need more courtesy clerks/ cart attendants than they do cashiers.

  • IncomeAndGrowth says:

    I had the opposite feeling: I choose cart attendant because I have the social skills of a potato. I ended up cashiering so much that I we always had shortages of carts and dirty bathrooms. Instead understanding that fact, they blamed me for not being everywhere at once.


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