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September 27, 2014 - iknowwhattheydidlastsummer

shady business

So i think it’s all targets but they’ve been going through the tm alignment and eliminating positions as people leave. Like salesfloor is no long with and etl sl or etl hl. Its etl sf. The stl has been intentionally pushing people out. It is my theory..but it’s really apparent..that since we got this new lady she’s had a hidden agenda. The etl logistics was under fire to get his team to perform better. He wasn’t doing it to her standards. I think he was threatened with cca/final to the point he quit. I was next on the list. I was sl-tl. I was coached time after time when the new stl walked in the door over manage execution and communicate effectively. I was there for two years and sent emails detailing the workload for my team (which no one else did). I personally couldn’t get crap done because i supported my team to make sure they got stuff done and i served the guests (which is why we are there, right?!) They had til October to eliminate one tl. My final was delivered in September. They did a bunch of shifting with team leaders and i was the weak link. They did a cca/final to the flow tl this month too and he is now gone. He put in 12 years! And they brought back someone else who moved to another store because he is a “great asset”. If hope you understand my deep deep resentment to the executive leaders and the company. They sat in their 3 hour meetings talking about who they were going to push out and how. Its so sad and makes me not want to shop with target ever again. But i also don’t approve of walmart. I think all businesses are shady like this honestly. Just pitiful.
I will end this long post for any target loyal that may read this site…i now know what you guys were doing last summer and you should be ashamed.


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