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October 28, 2014 - SometimesWinnersQuit

Schedule you till close and then keep you 2-3 hours late, but then have you scheduled next morning!

I can’t state how many times we have closed till 1 or 2 am at our store, and have been scheduled to work a morning shift the following errrrrrrrrrrrr same day. I closed last Saturday where we do ad takedown, and we got out at nearly 2 am, then on Sunday I was scheduled for 6 am ad placement. I told the managers ahead of time that we would likely stay late, and if that was the case I would like to come in later on Sunday. They told me “There is no federal law for retail workers to have time in between their shifts, so you just have to deal with it and come in.” I expressed that I didn’t want to work without sleep and was told “You should be able to get a couple of hours rest before coming in.” which I think is a ridiculous response. Federal law or not, there should be a Target policy allowing time in between rest with shifts!!

Also, why are they keeping us so long over closing time at my store?! If I am scheduled till 11:30 pm, they don’t ASK any of us to stay late… we are basically kept hostage until they release us which sometimes is near or at 2 am.

SLAVES of TARGET no matter what race/ethnicity/or sex… they don’t discriminate on treating everyone like shit!


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  • Escaped says:

    This used to happen to me all the time. Telling HR would sometimes help, but sometimes not. It's been a looooooong while, but I think if there is less than a certain amount of time between your shifts you have to go on lunch almost right away when you punch in, and Target *hated* that shit, so at night when they wanted me to stay I would tell them that if I stayed late and came in at whatever early time they wanted I would need a lunch right away, then they worked a little harder to fix it and I either got to come in later or leave right away after telling them.

    Look into your state's specific laws. Some states require that the company pay you more (like for a split shift or if you work more than so many hours in one day). So if you find some true, hard evidence (such as from your state's labor offices or whatever your state has) that you should be paid more and politely ask HR about it, they'll either have to pay you more, or fix your shifts.

    Always go into HR with all the knowledge you can about your grievances and always be very nice and polite about it to the point of playing dumb. Playing dumb makes them think that they're manipulating you, but having correct unarguable information on hand makes it impossible to weasel out of what they owe you. whether it's hours of pay or hours of sleep. Just be sure to smile, nod, and tell them that you understand and accidents happen when they exclaim, "Oh! You were scheduled like that by mistake. Let me fix you in the computer," because that is more likely than them paying you even one thin dime more than what you already make.

    Although I'd be more likely if I were you to look into the lunch thing. Target is hell and certainly not payroll perfect, but it's probably unlikely that they're shorting you pay-wise. That's not to say it's not worth looking into (it worked for me), but it's a rough bridge to cross.


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