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July 22, 2013 - BillyCoot

Sale Scam

Someone forgot to download the sales for the week and today (Sunday) all items in the ad was/is regular price. Targets decision: put out the sale signs and if someone calls their hand that the price is wrong, fix it. If they say nothing, they will be over charged. It would have been easy to pull the signs. But no, target decides to follow their enormous greed. And they have the gall to talk about guest service.


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  • targetstargettweeter says:

    This type of behavior needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I am a huge skeptic of using Target's Integrity Hot Line, but it is worth a shot and you have the option to remain anonymous. Please follow my Target news about poor management at Winchester, VA stores #2379 and #1234 Twitter @targetstarget. Maybe the more followers I obtain the more likely Target will stop ignoring.

    • TargetSucks says:

      I'm sure you'll be impressed by Target's ability to ignore you. This site was originally created because they pissed me off as a customer, and now it's become primarily a place for employees to point out the shittiness of the company...with the occasional pissed off customer. Target doesn't care. The only way they'll ever care about anything is if it affects their profits. Their response will be to cut hours, and fire anybody being overpaid. They won't fix anything or start to care.

      • BillyCoot says:

        TargetSucks is 100% right. In every thing he/she said. Target made the decision to hang the signs. Calling the "TARGET" hotline is reporting it to the crooks that started the scam. And yes, calling the Target hotline will land you in the office and maybe even fired. Never call the hotline. Bottom line, Targets greed is enormous and so is their lack of concern.

  • KEENtan says:

    This needs to be leaked to the media.

    So much press coverage for Walmart and their business practices, someone needs to blow the whistle on Target.

    They are opening a new Target in my town with no objection!

    In Washington, D.C. the local government is standing up to Walmarts practices. Target is just the same, they too should be protested, boycotted, and hit with government sanctions!

  • KEENtan says:

    Another sign scam is the "as advertised" signs.

    I don't know how many guests have come up to me saying "your sale price is the same as the regular price."

    They just hope the guest sees the sign, thinks there's a sale and buys he product.

  • coloud says:

    I'm on the "ad set" team from time to time. Whenever I see "even lower than our advertised price" signs, I always hang them next to the price on the shelf instead of covering them up like we are supposed to. That way the guests can see they are being lied to. I also move them over when I happen to be in there shopping for something and see them.

  • Angelknight says:

    lol maybe probably why target says they aren't going to follow scop up here in canada.

  • viciousdave says:

    I've worked at Target for 5 years. Let me tell you exactly what is wrong. I'm a cashier so I have no responsibility over this, but the sales floor team members are responsible for putting correct items in the right locations and with the correct money signs for the prices and sales. Hundreds of items they do not check with there PDAs, so fucking lazy assholes they are. Second, the manager of sales floor and backroom is responsible each week for changing prices to match our adverised sales prices for items in our ads. Does he do it? No, he's a fucking lazy asshole who needs to be fired. So customers like you yell at us the cashiers. Don't yell at us, we are not responsible for this crap, what the computer says must be tolerated by GSTLs. If we change the prices directly on the computer ourselves, we could get in big trouble. I hate Target, but I need the job right now. You yell at management, not me, I do not hold responsibility, managers do, yet they are lazy ass fuckers who don't punch in new numbers when they are suppose to.

  • Silverfox says:

    old post but they are trying the old sale scam again up here in Canada.


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