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April 21, 2013 - VodkaStinger

REDCards: Talk to an LOD at the End of Your Shift

I thought this was only at my store, but after reading a previous post, I think now many targets are doing this. so right now, if you are a cashier and you don’t get a REDCard during your shift, you have to go see the LOD at the end of the day, who basically asks you “What do you think you could have done differently to get a REDCard?” Umm, IDK, you fucking tell me? is it that hard for them to grasp that people just don’t want the damn REDCards? I don’t see the LODs and TLs out there helping the store get them. I’d love for an LOD of a TL to actually stand in front of a register for a whole shift and try to sell at least one REDCard. The best part about the whole situations is that the LODs expect you to figure out how to sell them, instead of them coming up with better ways to push them. I’m sorry, but I do not get paid enough to deal with REDCards. you want to tell me it’s one of my core roles as a cashier? well, news flash buddy: my main core role is vibing with my “guest” so they have a positive experience. how do you think nagging them incessantly about REDCards makes them feel? Is that the image they want associated with Target? W/e, it’s their store, if they want to scare all the customer out of the store, I say fuck it. At least Target isn’t my life’s priority.


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  • RedCardMan says:

    I hear you. The difference now is that the mgmt's job and bonus depend on it - so does the raise of the GSTL. Corporate is out to bust out execs who don't produce redcards on their shifts. I have to listen to it from every LOD.

    Of course, there is no support. Everyday I log on there are no info cards in the drawer, often no scannable booklets.

    But surely you've noticed that the execs can do no wrong anall the questions are "what can the team leaders be doing differently?"
    It's all bullshit. The money just pours in to this company and the job is so easy they have to invent ways of busting people out, other wise they could hire chimpanzees to do this job and have the team shit on the guests instead of the other way around.

  • ashlanhoho1 says:

    exactly. nothing, and i mean NOTHING, makes me angrier than redcards. like just the word makes me angry.


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