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August 6, 2015 - 5percentdead

REDcards are killing me

I hate REDcards with every fiber of my being. I started working here just about a month and a half ago, which i know isn’t super long, but I’m dying here. I love working at target honestly, I love the customers and everyone I work with. What I don’t love? The goddamn motherfuckin REDcards. I started just before the whole “have a stern talk if you don’t get a REDcard” thing, so it’s not like I had long to really get into the swing of things. First off, I did not fucking get into this to sell cards. I knew it’d be a part of it, yes, but not the whole job! Customers have started to fucking hate me, I think, because I have to shove this card down their throats. And worse, I can’t seem to get any. And worse than that, it’s been stressing me out beyond belief- I’m supposed to be moving out soon, and this is the only job I could get for this kind of pay while also taking college courses. I’m so stressed about work that it’s seeping into other areas of my life and my anxiety is off the charts (as well as my depression) and I know it doesn’t seem like I should get this worked up over a car but you’ve gotta believe me- I wanted to be a cashier so I could work with  people and make them happy.  I don’t feel morally right trying to pitch credit cards (yes, credit cards, since fucking no one carries checks for the most part). Like, I feel so fake and manipulative, and the talks are getting to me and making me feel like I could lose my job any day. I do everything like I’m supposed to, my speed scores are rarely under G, and everyone really likes me and how I treat them and their merchandise. But, oops, my mistake! I forgot this wasn’t a cashier job, it’s a job at a credit card company! Honestly, fuck REDcards.


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  • tanya57 says:

    I feel exactly the same way. This might be a little TMI so I apologize but basically I have stopped menstruating for months and my doctor said it was because of stress. The only thing that changed in my life in the past few months was working at target as a cashier. That's how stressed this job makes me. I totally understand, I have anxiety too and I have multiple panic attacks at work every single day. I am constantly told I don't get enough red cards when I'm trying as hard as I can. Nobody gives a flying fuck if you're an efficient cashier and provide great customer service, this job is completely working for a credit card company basically. I wasn't even told during my interview that the red cards were part of the job so I was caught by surprise. I didn't sign up for this and if I knew that I wouldn't have left my old job to come to target and now I can't go back to my old job.

  • viciousdave says:

    Try being optimistic if you really want to keep the job for now for money. When asked why haven't you got red cards, make sure you ask about red card to every guest today, just say yes I will, I try a lot. But than don't do it at all, don't ask anyone. Not following exact orders but faking it as if you are is a way of getting the stress off of you. Also, don't stress out about that you have to ask or your going to lose the job. Just continue to be nice and fake about your words in a positive way but not truthful as in not asking people. Faking things is the number one way I've found not to be stressed. To get over the cause of depression is to focus more on having fun. With college there's a lot of homework and reading and studies to read about to ace a test I know. Try to make at least an hour of something you love to do that makes you happy and have a lot of fun. Try not to focus on the hassleing upon you by your team leaders, but to focus on what your beliefs are on not supporting it or asking it at all and that you can be happy not asking and being nice and like to help others.

  • doublea says:

    Bring up the Target employee handbook. Ask them to show where is says that you need to get a certain number of those damn redcards a day. Call the hotline and say you are being harassed. If they retaliate then call again. I love making waves at work when the boss is being a lazy selfish dick. Worked for me in the past. Puts um on blast and the DFM will soon be like WTF.


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