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May 11, 2013 - RedCardMan

Red in the face…

So maybe you’ve read my “cashier survival 101” and “redcard method” articles here (not posted yet, still under moderation).
It’s astonishing that no matter west or east coast, Minneapolis or Dallas, employees have the same story. This company has so much money pouring in the door that somehow they can afford to have assholes and morons running the place while corporate sits back and weaves their webs of deceit and plays their games. It is a diseased culture that thrives on simply placing square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes. I never expected much out of this place, but it’s been quite the letdown. Thank God I took this job only for the health benefits. I was asked by a guest once if I dress up to cashier because I take it seriously. I told him “No, it’s because I DON’T take it seriously….”

Any chimpanzee can do it, chimps even smile. The only difference is that chimps will throw shit back at the guests.


I was hired as permanent year before last. In my youth, I had worked for a total of 13 years in retail, both food and clothing, as a receiver, cashier, and merchandiser. Prior to Big Red, I was skilled labor for 12 years with a client list that included $250,000 per year in billing accounts that I alone took care of and billed. I am, without any schmuck at Target teaching me, innately “fast, fun and friendly”. The first day on the job I closed with our GSTL, a pleasant and energetic young guy. I zoned the entire front end, collected reshop and hangers without even being asked. I know what it takes to shut down a store for the evening. I was appreciated. That appreciation grew by bounds in just a few months through the holidays when I developed my method for asking for redcards. I’m amazed that some folks here are told they are “too friendly” and coached. No such thing in my store – we are expected to be pleasant, but the kinds of good natured kidding around and familiarity with our regulars is something the mgmt knows money can’t buy. I was doing “amazing” before the started that baloney, simply because I’m a funny outgoing guy who doesn’t take this seriously – just enough to keep the job for the health benefits.

My own redcards and all the guests I sent back with their checks put us in the green for the first time in months I was told. I was told I had the highest conversion rate in the district. So after my first review I was approached by the electronics TL and my own GSTL to see if I’d be interested in selling Tvs and such and redcards for elecronics. I said sure, certainly. raise, too, huh? Thank you. Tell me whe we start.

Two more months went by and nothing, I was asked to cover electronics breaks and that was it. Then, when this obnoxious new snot-nose was courted for a vacant GSTA position and failed utterly, they gave him the flipping electronics spot! I was fuming and would deliberately shun the two that approached me for weeks until I dscovered that the front end ETL was responsible for holding me back – because I got her area redcards by the dozens! To add insult to injury, my initial 17 cent raise (only, because they said I “didn’t do enough to zone” – yeah!) evaporated when the company began hiring at $8.25. I was raised to $8.25 as well – the same as the new hires I was expected to train! Now, these execs and TLs are all pleasant people – the TLs are very nice and don’t bust anyone’s chops and they all have known each other in this store for years without further promotion. The excecs are all in the mid to late 30s and are relatively adult in their approach, but they still have to please corporate and thats where the trouble comes in.

For my own part, when I learned I was being held back from the extra dollar an hour I stopped accepting extra duties like playing GSTL for breaks etc. and I was loud about telling them so. I get away with it because of the redcards which we now get requistions for (because I demanded it), about a dollar’s worth per sign up which keeps me asking. Sometimes free Starbucks. I wangled free chocolate syrup for life for my breaktime bananas out of the Starbucks TL for getting her redcards when she was covering GSTL. I was asked to continue learning returns (I was given four hours training and then nothing for months, just like the electronics gig) but when I filled in on my own initiative (return line was out the door with one girl and we had no guests at the lanes for ten cashiers) I wasn’t even acknowledged, never mind thanked, for stepping up – just “You can go back to your register now” by the cunt who held me back.

I was glad we didn’t keep any of the snotty children that were being trained in our store for ETL positions a few towns away. They were psychotic at best, petulant at worst, or vice versa. 20 year old execs, the mind reels…

Since the holidays ended, they began this new BS where not only are our hours cut to 20 to 25 but are spread over 5 days, meaning I HAVE to take a sixth day and a double to make almost 35, for months on end. As if that wasn’t a waste of my time enough (and we almost all get this schedule except the new people who get 5 days and 37 hours), they regularly schedule me for a six and a half hour shift – 5.75 hours and just short of NEEDING a lunch.. BUT WITH THE FUCKING LUNCH. Complete waste of my time. I’ve told the remaining two cool and relatively sympathetic GSTLs, days like this I’m not even asking for goddamn redcards. Too bad. Anyone asks to sign up for one, sorry – our system is down, come back tomorrow. They laugh usually because I usually get one or two without even trying because of the poeple I’ve sent back to get their checks for the debit card.

It’s a damn shame, the money just pours into this place like a river. They’re not going out of business anytime soon. Our local indoor mall is almost empty during the week and we’re busy all day and night. They could staff it with five people and the money would still pour in and they know it. So they play these games to bust people out for nothing, for redcards. I guess Target figures that there is a mountain of debt out there and they want a piece too – thats why I refuse to ask anyone to sign up for the credit card, only the debit one. See, there is lots of ways to give them what they want and still not leave them happy – and keep your job hassle free at the same time. When the execs finally decide to force me out they’ll have to make up something and then I’ll have a lawsuit because I’ve documented everything. Even my review this year was all outstandings and over 50 cents, thanks no doubt to a sympathetic GSTL. YET – they give me 21 hours next week. It’s just ridiculous. Somebody has it in or me.

You know, I smelled something rotten in Denmark when one of the first times I spent my break in the breakroom and not the food court I saw crayons and construction paper out on the table. I asked if this was bring your kids to work day at Target.

I was told, no – those are for team members.

Kindergarten… thats what Target thinks of its employees.





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  • quitters_win says:

    You're lucky you got a commission of a $1 for every redcard. Most of the ETL's are snotty young 20's. We had puzzles and some other crap in our breakroom. It's all based on favoritism/office politics, in order to get ahead.

  • Free At Last says:

    That's what happened to me. They didn't wanted to promote me because they knew I was the best and it. I knew the ins and outs as a PA. When they tried to find ones to replace me, they failed badly. My perishable section was voted the best in the district for the whole holiday.

    They want to promote someone who is a sheep. Someone who would follow and become the Target. They don't want someone who can think because that person be going against Target. That's why you see a lot of young executive even though they sucks like ass. Even their interviews are a sham because the TL or Exec usually give you the questions before hand before you go to district to interview. They train you like a dog to answer those questions so that you could never fail if they like you enough. So even if that individual sucks like ass, they'll still get promoted to TL.

    You should start looking for a new job and put all of your accomplishments and that you took over as a GSA for a period. You've probably already this but it saves you the frustration and your sanity. That's what I did, I went to their competitor and put my two weeks notice. Skip TL and went straight to department manager. You know it's time to leave when they start lowering down your hours. I've seen it many times and it doesn't go well. Good luck.


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