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July 9, 2015 - Genesius

Reasons why my store sucks

1. Lazy people who do nothing but stand around, chat, play with their cell phones, take leisurely walks around the store, drink coffee, and take extra long breaks. They do all of that, that is if they even bother to show up at all, and NOTHING is ever done or said to them.

2. A truly delusional and out of touch human resources manager. This lady is so phony it borders on being ludicrous, I had more heartfelt greetings from the IRS. If that wasn’t bad enough, she actually thinks she can get everyone to take a turn to clean the dirty dishes in break room INSTEAD of finding out who the pig is and making them clean up their own mess.

3. A bizarre and nonsensical stocking system. Example: We already have 50 cases of Item X in backstock. We also have the home location for Item X filled to capacity, and it’s been that way for quite a while, no one is buying Item X. So what do they get off the truck the next day? 100 more cases of Item X!!!

4. War games between the TL and ETL. My TL and ETL can’t stand one another. Both think they know the correct way to get things done and neither are willing to budge. So what happens? The TL tells the team to do one thing, and the ETL then later tells the team to do something entirely different, and now nobody knows what the hell to do and the team is caught smack dab in the middle of their war games.

5. Our STL is a penny pinching idiot. He will do anything to save money and make himself look good in front of his bosses, including giving bad reviews for the sake of preventing pay raises, under-staffing work centers to save on payroll, then increasing the work load on those work centers to maximize his savings. The man clearly doesn’t want to understand that if you increase the work load without increasing the staff, you are not going to get done on time. He acts like a five year old who can’t understand why mommy and daddy can’t buy him a unicorn, then proceeds to throw a tantrum.

6. This all consuming, single minded passion for getting red cards. When I have a line backed up, and of course no one wants to answer the back-up call, I am not going into my “Do you have a red card” routine, no matter how much the ETLs stomp their feet.

This is a small sampling of what’s wrong with my store. I always thought it was kept to my store, but after reading some of the stories here, I see it’s a problem that is more wide-spread than I originally thought. Thank Heaven I’m leaving soon!


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  • fucktarget says:

    Very well said!!! Fuck 'em!

  • viciousdave says:

    Leave them, they are husslers without any movement of themselves. LODs and GSTLs get paid to do nothing but stand around and take hour long breaks. At my store most of the day we don't even have a front cashier GSTL on at all. The people are stupid too. Light is on, are you open? DUH light is on, of course, duh duh DUH! OMFG! Light is off and I'm about to leave, people just pop in. WTF? No no no. Lights on, pop in. Lights off, I'm done, you don't come in at all. DUH WTF? I need the money right now and I can't drive so it sucks. But I'm close to 30 in two years, when I'm 30 I'm quitting no matter what! I've had enough, pushing for red cards, hours getting lower and lower even after I've been there 7 years? WTF in hell? Fuck target, never ever work for them.

  • Silverfox says:

    Reason #3 is a big reason why target flopped in Canada miserably. Looks like management still haven't learned their lesson.

    And yeah people are stupid. Light is off, close sign is up. Chain is pulled. Um no shit sherlock. Closed for sure.


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