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June 6, 2012 - Hello_Love


I’ve been working here only 8 months in the Food Service area. I was in college, and I had to remind them of my strict availability several times. I was constantly being scheduled and called during class times, and yes, my classes are more important than Target.  It was three entire months before I had worked with the Food Service manager, I only took computer training and other Team Members, who were the same status as me, only working a month longer, “trained” me.  Repeatedly, I was told, “You are doing that wrong.” Well, when I haven’t been trained, do not throw me into the job & complain about it! Now, I am one of the best employees there. Everyone in the store says I am their favorite Food Service Team Member! They say I am bubbly and nice, no matter what. Well, this is customer service and employees are supposed to be nice, duh.  Most of the people I work with is lazy and rude! My “manager” is a year older than me, never went to college,and just wants everyone to be her friend. If she doesn’t like you, she will write you up, but mostly because she likes to hang out in the office and doesn’t like being in the Food area. She doesn’t contribute anything.

Moreover, our dishwasher is broken. Every dish needs to be washed by hand. Enough said.

Pharmacy people get on my nerves. They(who are our co-workers) treat us worse than any guest! Show some respect. I am going to school, this is NOT my lifetime job!

I have several guests that come in and ask about my life & how I’m doing in school. These people brighten up my days. I love my regulars!

Lastly, if we don’t make “sales,” then our hours our cut, leaving us by ourselves a lot. And with all the pizza topping, panning, prepping, (washing dishes when dishwasher is broken), there leaves no time to try to sell more stuff, so we sell less than the last time. Organization and common sense, Target! Seriously.

Putting in two weeks notice tomorrow. I don’t deserve being treated like scum, plus I got hired somewhere else.. not in retail or making food! 🙂




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  • Hate_Me says:

    Wait til your "manager" orders some food and isn't looking, then spit in her food. Small victories, my friend....small....victories.

  • Misused_Resource says:

    Just look at it this way. You will have a respectable job one day and they will still be working there, which any high school student can do. The satisfaction of growing up and getting an adult's job should be as good as revenge as any.


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