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March 31, 2014 - bulliedbytarget

Quitting was an “amazing moment”

So, first off, let me begin with a resounding FUCK TARGET.

I started back at this place several years ago. Straight out of high school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I accepted a job offer from Target. Little did I know I was basically signing my soul away to the devil in exchange for a measly $8.50/hr and I would be burning in the everlasting fire of the Target pits of hell. It was better than fast food, worked around my school schedule and I was making more than minimum wage. I worked in the backroom… if you’ve ever worked there you know we are the forgotten ones and basically do whatever the fuck we want without having to worry about break schedules and guests. My TL and co-workers were awesome and I loved it. For a little while. I got good reviews and decent raises compared to others and was up to a whopping $9.30 within a couple years. Woo-fucking-hoo.

Then I made the mistake of getting knocked up. I obviously could no longer work in the backroom and switched to cashiering. This sucked over 9,000 times worse than the backroom and I hated it. But I showed up, conned people into signing up for redcards and made the GSTL and ETLs happy. I take my leave, pop out my beautiful bouncing baby boy and come back a couple months later. I agreed to return to the backroom instead of cashiering and paid dearly for it.

See, while I was away, my awesome, kick-ass TL made the smart decision to gtfo of this hell-hole and was replaced by some douchebag that we helped train before I switched work centers. I don’t know why, but this fucker had it out for me. Despite my profane language, I am one of those pathetic people that are overly polite and tend to get pushed around quite a bit. I’m afraid of confrontation so, really, I’m honest when I say I have no idea why he hated me. Oh, yeah I do. I’m a woman. This guy talked to the ladies totally differently than the dudes… ordering us around like scum while he was all “what up, bro?” with the men. Then he gives me a shitty, contradictory review.. marking me IE for shit like “works in an urgent manner” when he puts in the comments “Thank-you for responding to your team members quickly!” But I digress. This asshole tries to write me up for attendance issues and fabricated a bunch of coachings that never took place. Meanwhile, another MALE team member misses 10x as much work and he tells this kid “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” I’ll give props to HR for having my back on that one and verbally assaulting the shit out of him and wiping the corrective action plan off the table.

As for ETL incompetency, this attendance issue stemmed from rib contusions with a doctor’s note saying I could not work backroom for two weeks. I asked three different ETLs if I could switch work centers for the two weeks and got three different answers. “Sorry, no. The schedule’s already made.” “Oh, I don’t know. Ask so-and-so.” and Finally, two months later, “You were marked as a no-call-no-show for several days because you should have switched work centers.” What the actual fuck?

Finally, I’m sick of dealing with his bullshit and tell HR I want my TL investigated for discrimination. Drop all the terms “hostile work environment” “I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman or a young mother.” They respond by saying it’s a serious accusation and they will look into it. Uh, yeah… sure. Everyone hated this fucker and told HR and ETL they felt the same, but nothing was ever done other than telling him to calm his shit. After months of nothing and 3 1/2 years at this pit I found a new job, with a pay cut, put my deuces up and tell them to eat shit. Now I’m an assistant manager with more money and more hours (this company actually treats people well and promotes from within). So I say, fuck it. If you hate Target, don’t let yourself get ran over. Quit and move on if at all possible. There’s something better out there. I mean, cleaning up elephant shit is a better alternative to all this “vibe” bullshit.


TL;DR: TL’s a sexist prick. ETL’s know nothing. I quit. Life is better for it.


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    Good on you for getting out.

    I've been getting in trouble a lot recently for running my mouth when other teams do things they aren't supposed to. Our market TL is one of the worst as she hardly ever does any work, and when she does she does it incorrectly. I confronted her the other day about leaving her cardboard and vendor products all over the backroom and she said "oh yeah, I forgot. I'll take care of it." When she didn't after promptly walking away I told my ETL, to which he replied "you just gotta play the follow-up game, man."

    Two things:
    1) This is not a fucking game, it's a JOB. You're getting paid with the expectation that you'll do your job. If you don't do it, you shouldn't get paid, plain and simple. You want to stand around and talk all day, do it in the unemployment line.

    2) This "game" has been going on for as long as I've been working here and not a damn thing has been done to correct it. No one here has the balls to call these idiots out for their lackluster performance, so things just continue to get worse as time goes on.

    I've started shoving her "leftovers" into the ambient room to piss her off since I can't think of anything else to do.

    • bulliedbytarget says:

      Ugh. I dealt with that constantly from this douche TL I posted about as well. It was so bad another team member would put a sign on his tubs full of cardboard with a sign that said "Put your boxes in the bailer." with an arrow. I mean, that is if he even felt like putting them in a tub. There were a lot of times he'd just leave his boxes in the middle of aisles or walkways.

      Not surprisingly, ETLs and TLs are the worst at cleaning up their own messes and expect their "orderlies" to do it for them. TMs usually get it. Especially if you ask nicely. But I brought it up at huddle tons of time. "Seriously, guys. Backroom is not your personal maid service. It takes you 2 minutes to put your own shit away or it takes me 20 minutes to put EVERYONE'S shit away."


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