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December 20, 2015 - Bye

quitting today :)

I hate working at target. 🙂 quitting today will be the best decision I’ve made. First off lets just mention the weird guy employees who follow you around and ask you millions of personal questions and when you tell AP he does nothing and you continue to feel uncomfortable at your job! I dread going every time, especially the 8 hour shifts where I have to deal with bullshit for even longer! They are completely unorganized, don’t care about their employees unless you’ve made target your career rather than just a job, they play favorites and expect way too much for the price they pay. They’ll have you constantly doing labor while they sit back gossiping and ordering you to do more. The break room is kept a mess and the back offices are all beat up. Everyone treats you like you’re their little slaves and demand so much. They get jealous over the girls who are pretty and give you shitty hours and jobs. I’ve been working soft lines for three weeks now and have been sore nonstop and exhausted beyond belief, a job where you do nothing but zone and fold clothes has turned into hard labor. They constantly call you in for pick up shifts because everyone is always calling out cause they hate it so much too. They’ll try to call you for a shift that interrupts your scheduled shift or even call you to come when you’re already in the store working! So unorganized. And if you don’t go up to guest first cause you’re busy with your demanding job or in the middle of pulling then they yell at you! Let alone the freakin red card fad. I’ve never hated doing something so much, I’d rather go back to high school than work here. Today i quit and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂


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  • bignickdigger187 says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I was always given these ridiculously miniscule timelines for some enormous workload, and I got at least 5 coachings for not seeing/engaging each and every guest that turned around each and every corner. I can't tell you how many times I saw the same team lead walk past dozens of guests without a single peep.


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