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December 3, 2010 - smacias90

Quit Target today, thank god!!

So today was my last shift because I was done! I will admit I was actually excited when I was hired because ever since I was in high school I wanted to work there…wow that soon faded. I was hired as seasonal and I was happy I got a lot of hours and actually requested more. But then I started to work almost full time and I really hated the way they scheduled me. I absolutely hate working openings, I’d rather close than work at 8 am!! Anyways. Last week was the week I was really starting to get picked on, and I’m 100% honest, why was it that I was the only one being pulled aside every goddamn minute by the front end GSA to be told to smile and blah blah blah, when I saw other cashiers doing the same shit as me! Some cashiers were worse than me. Anyways, I know you have to be all friendly and shit, but let’s get real, some bitch ass customers would look at you like wth just hurry up and ring up my shit! So since I came across a lot of customers like this I kinda stopped asking all the bullshit questions you need to ask. These people do NOT care or WANT to open a red card, and saving 5% is nothing!! Every person I asked didn’t care to open one at all, they all literally told me NO WAY I’m getting rid of all my cards. So the more people said no, the less I asked to save the hassle. The only time I really asked was when someone spent over $100. Anyways, the guest were such assholes, I’d ask them how their day was and I would get no response just a blank stare…ok then? So the last week as I said I was really getting picked on for not smiling enough or not asking the asshole guest if they want to waist time and sign up for a red card and get a shitty worthless discount on their overpriced grocery’s. Whats funny was I was suppose to work until Dec. 11 of this yr, because another place hired me for a PERMANENT position with a higher pay so that was awesome. Today was the worst. And you know being fucking chipper and acting like everything is so fucking dandy is not me, I’m real, if you’re a guest in a hurry I’m not gonna bother with small talk, I’m gonna ring up ur shit as fast as I can for you so you can go on, on ur day. If you’re really loud and obnoxious I’ll start convo with you. If you’re young around my age I will definitley talk to you. If you’re an old creepy ass fucking man hell no I will not act nice I will just ring up ur shit as fast as I can. Anyway, my day went like this today. I rang up people’s shit (scheduled to work from 11 am to 7 pm -_-) Asked every single guest how they were, and told them their total, told them have a nice day…GREAT no damage there. SO break time comes, I’m starving..I go to food ave to get a drink, this dumbass bitch who obviously works there is blocking the ENTIRE fridge with her cart, and she can tell I’m in a hurry ( i was only on my 15) So I’m trying to get a water and she just gives me a nasty look, but then she tells me “you can move the cart its ok” So i do that, and she gives me another nasty look and now I think (ok wtf is her problem and who is she?)–I had never met this employee before.  o yeah I;m back at the register after my 15 and continue ringing up guest. I’m being friendly as usual, but not over doing and being completely fake cuz that’s not me. So the same bitch comes into my line… I ring up her stuff fast because I know employee’s on break or lunch want to be checked out fast because its a waste of time to be asked if u have coupons when its clear you work there and you have your shitty 10% discount card. So of course taking in account of how every other employee is when I ring them up, I don’t ask her bullshit questions. So she asks me, ” Are you ok?” I smile at her and say “yea, I’m fine” then shes like “Oh, well I’m wondering because you didn’t even communicate with that guest in front of me…” I’m thinking WTF, number 1 I did talk to her, and number 2 I told her to have a nice day and I told her her total on her purchases because the employee swears I didn’t. So yeah at this point I’m done with being picked on how to fucking work when I’m actually doing better than a lot of the other seasonal people, and I am very friendly to people, I’m just not fake and I will give people space and ring up their stuff fast so they can go on with their day..its obvious when they’re annoyed with all the bullshit questions and the small talks, not everyone wants a fucking shitty ass redcard or to be bothered. they just want to check out and GO! So ya this employee pissed me off because this was the 3rd time this week! A few minutes later I see her talking to the GSA lady on duty. I knew she was going to want to talk to me because I didn’t mention this before but I “threw” the money at her and made a face at her when she told me that bullshit, it may not sound bad what she said and it may seem like I’m overreacting but its the way she said it. So yeah she told me to come into ther “office” she introduces herself and tells me shes the manager for grocery…at this point I’m thinking oh shit I was so rude before, but at the same time I didn’t care. SO she gives me this bullshit speech about how I’m acting like I don’t wanna be here at all and how my demanor is at work, and that you can see it in my face that I don’t wanna be here, and I’m not communicating with guests at all, because I didn’t tell the guest in front of her her total and I wasn’t being friendly, when that  is completely bullshit! Then she complains telling me I didn’t ask her speciffily for her discounts nothing, I didn’t communicate with her, and the whole reason I didn’t was because number one she was a total bitch to me to begin with, and number two i don’t bother asking EMPLOYEE’s if they have fucking discounts, they don’t give a fuck to hear it because theyre usually in a hurry to get on their break/lunch and want you to stfu and ring up their shit. So at this point im fed up and pissed off, and I give her my worst attitude, to the point where she told me to stop right now and I was almost kicked out of her office. Then I tell her you know what I’m done and I threw my name tag towards her on her desk, then she tells me I need to do some paperwork and I said great I already did I already gave in my 2 week notice and I don’t care to work here anymore thanks 🙂 and I left, but part of the reason I quit so ffast was because she told me she was going to document my behavior to the other GSA lady that i clashed with earlier this week, and whats funny is I actually became friends with one of the GSA’s who’s a guy and he told me that not to worry because _____ is a bitch, I’m not gonna say her name on here so I’ll leave it blank. So after the grocery supervisor tells me this bullshit I say fuck no I’m outta here, I start my new PERMANENT job tomorrow at a wayyyyy better store with waaayyy better pay. And what’s funny is this dumbass fuck tells me my deamnor is like this and that when it’s like really never fucking smiled once when I saw you and you were so cold to me when you were on duty. I’m glad I gave her attitude. There were some people there that took shit wayyy to srsly when its like chill the fuck out its retail. The customer’s were really assholes sometimes, where it’s really hard to be fucking smiling 24/7 I mean get the fuck back to reality we’re all human and cant be fucking chipper 24/7. I mean there’s GSA’s that don’t even crack a smile at all…so give me a fucking break. and It’s rather pathetic how I’m picked on for not “smiling” enough when I see other employee’s not even talking to anyone! So what the fuck is that! So done with this place. They really treat you like shit here, when you’re a cashier, I went in on Black Friday at 3:45 am with no fuss, I worked overtime when I specifly said I’m part time because I’m in college. They fucked up my schedule so much and they didn’t care at all. The discount card barely saves you money…so please get the fuck over yourself! Oh and let me just say, I am friendly and the not smiling bullshit is so r******d… I wasn’t just straight up frowning or looking pissed off when I waited for guesst to come check out..yea fuck you target


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  • smallz123 says:

    Good for you for sticking up for yourself! Often times, these assholes think they can get away with treating people like shit without any repercussions. I totally understand. The GSA, LOD's are losers who are in positions of authority, so they think they can nit pick. I peaced the fuck out after my ordeal and I never went back.

  • jenna says:

    That place is shit! i had no idea until I worked there. Our L.O.D is this skank whose slept with like everyone back before she got her promotion. The supervisor that does schedules constantly apologizes for fuckin up my times but he's always conveniently not there when I get in trouble with the L.O.D about my "poor attendance" They schedule u times u've already said you can't work but then BLAME YOU instead of the person resposible. They say Target put school first but it's all just to look good and dandy. I don't see that in their actions. im quitting tomorrow because I didn't go the last time I was scheduled because I had a 3 hr lab. I had already told the gstl but it's like there's no communication and they don't pass on info..idk. I didn't bother calling in that morning to confirm b/c I would've been forwarded to the L.O.D office and that bitch already hates me and talks to me like a lil child. She constantly gives me dirty looks, looking for flaws while I'm dealing with "guests" and talking shit about me to her co-workers. I'm pretty sure they are just waiting to train more ppl but def., she wants to get rid of me. They act like this job is soo fuckin fabulous to me and like I can't make do without I'm going to quit tm and I know it'll shock the shit outta them. They schedule us for lil 4 hour shifts and some of them at times we can't work and I feel under appreciated because I get em tons of redcards one week, next week its like "You need to get redcards, your score is on red". I'm just done. The little pay, disrespect, small discount that doesn't even apply without a target debit, the L.O.D skank acting soo unprofessional, the gossip. NO THANKZ!

  • LOLwow says:

    lol i actually read your whole story & honestly i couldn't agree more. felt like i was reading something i wrote. i fucking HATE it there. i only go for the money. My "team leaders" or gsa's whatever the fuck they are; half of them are bitches that don't give a shit if you need help. God for bid you turn your light on because you don't know how to deal with something and they talk shit about you till you leave. I have actually witnessed (more than once) two team leaders talking shit about a cashier. place is just rediculous. everyone who works there bows down to target. i feel like i'm the only one who thinks its a joke. im giving my 2 weeks tomorrow.


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