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November 18, 2013 - hienxhuynh

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Ive been working at target since July. I’ve only called out if i was feeling sick. I broke my toe one Friday night, called the next morning telling them I cant work. The LOD who picked up did not believe me one Bit. To that I had to go to the doctors and bring in a note To excuse me from work. I’m a very hard worker there, even though I’m a cashier. My speed score is always 90% and my red cards are acceptable. During my 90 day review I got great comments . But I feel like target is fucken Taking advantage of me. when I take weekends off , which isn’t a lot but I need a break from them. I get called unreliable. UnfckenrelIable! This store doesn’t even know how to say my name. Neither do they ask how to say it.  my TL always tells me to be globe , how am I suppose to talk to anyone if I get in trouble for speaking to coworkers cause I’m not “working”.  this past Saturday , I had a sinus infection and felt like I was going to past out at work. I told my TL he told me find a manger so I did. went to the back room another worker told them over the radio . Apparently he cleared it for me to go home. Nobody told me anything . I went to find someone to cover my shift. Two mangers saw me I spoke to them. They had the nerve to tell me to go back on register regardless of how I feeling. ARE YOU FUCKEN SERIOUS. they weren’t even listening or bothering to pay attention to a word I said . took me an hr to  finally get my hr’s attention . I told him how I felt about being a cashier . About how the store doesn’t know how to say my name and how I hate being there. He listened and told me he okay it for me for leave an hr ago. I fucken hate target. I’m debating if I should put my two weeks in. I have so many other stories. I fucken hate this place but it’s a job.  But I’m only 18 I shouldn’t feel depress about working or be taken advantage of .


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  • Silverfox says:

    lols faint on the managers. Maybe that'll get their attention and that'll really screw target over. Working their workers till they faint

  • viciousdave says:

    If you can not say what you want to say, write it down or print out a paper of what you really mean and how to retaliate and give as mighty of rights as possible of them not noticing what truth you are giving them of your sickness and health. Tell them that if they do not compensate you can easily have them procecuted by a lawyer for wrong doing and the leading to your health problems and not allowing you to leave when being sick on the job is not allowed by any state once so ever. I'm ready to bring my book of the constitution to my job to shut there fucking ass up!

  • Baldy says:

    Just quit. It really won't get any better. If anything it will get worse. Target is rapidly going down hill. In my experience the ETLs don't give a rats ass about the team

  • Baldy says:

    " Tell them that if they do not compensate you can easily have them procecuted by a lawyer for wrong doing"

    You can't prosecute target due to the agreement you sign when you are hired. You can only go to mediation.


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