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July 26, 2018 - madmax53

Peace out Tarshit

This one is a long one..

So i discovered this site when I tried typing in if people were getting treated the same way I was at target. So here’s a backstory I worked at another target when i was 17 going on 18, I am now 20. I was a cashier. Now at this target i work softlines and it has been the most harrowing experience ever. Words can not explain how much I despise this place. I thought that I would get a job for the summer since I am in college. I passed up another job at Chipotle for Target thinking it was a good idea. Boy was I wrong. The HR lady is so nice here however, so she convinced me that being here would be great. I got interviewed by a team lead (now ETL)  we are gonna call her Micah. Seemed real nice and I was excited to start working. I was hired as seasonal and during the interview I told them that the first week of August I would have to stop working because I have to go back to college, they told me it was okay and to just tell them 3 weeks before I leave what my last day is and then when I come back for Christmas break to tell them 2 weeks before I come back so they can put me on the schedule. Everything was good or so i thought lemme explain the reasons why this company is so bad and what I’m doing about and the outcome of my job.

#1. Management. Micah was the worst of the worst. She was supposed to train me but never did and then asked me one day who trained me..YOU WERE. SUPPOSED TO. She always talked about how much she liked me but I could see through her facade. She then started to show her colors as she would make it clear that she would acknowledge others and never acknowledge me. Just barking orders at me all the time. If i didn’t know how to do something she would get the biggest attitude. She would force me into shoes and then complain after she constantly sent me up for back up that my shoes were not zoned. Are you kidding me?? But she wouldn’t help she would help everyone else but me. She would make me work the fitting room more than once too. When you’re not supposed to at all. If it wasn’t that it was shoes. I hate those shoes we. She would snatch things from me and roll her eyes be in mind I never disrespected or talked bad about her or anything. I was always kind and did what she said. She simply didn’t like me. The other team lead for softlines is okay she’s quiet and not as bad. Management gets paid to walk around and tell you what to do. My parents do more than them.

#2 employees. Some  them are really good people don’t get me wrong. But they would never answer the damn walkie when they called for backup. Like just go up but no i always got sent all the time.

#3 guests(I mean customers) Some are too lazy to read signs. Some will place their clothes on top of the phone machine when there is an open table for clothes to go while working the fitting room. And then take 38482929 clothes back there to try inn 1 and give us the rest. Some are rude or some don’t speak. And they are the worst in shoes…PUT THE SHOES AWAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT THEM EVER. Also don’t get mad at me if we don’t have an item or all the other stores don’t cause it’s clearance or whatever calm down. And people who leave their trash around are the worst. I do have to say I made more friends with customers this time around. And yeah they aren’t guests this isn’t a hotel.

#4 SOFTLINES. The new rules for softlines is ridiculous asf. No Z-rack to hang clothes people don’t want from the fitting room. Having to walk every customer back even when it’s busy. Having to zone intimates and sleep. Answering phone calls that people won’t answer when I tell them they have a stupid call on 2280 . Opening shifts don’t zone leaving the zoning to us so by the time 4 or 3 rolls around the clothes are a mess. i could go on.

#Scheduling. During the interview i said I could work 35 sometimes but i Need to work 30 mostly because have a neice and nephew that need watching. So what did they do? Schedule me 40 hours almost every week I was exhausted. I would cry from being so tired. They gave  all closing shifts. I’m 20 and felt like I was 83. My feet hurt so bad from standing and for closing shifts instead of 4 or 5:30 to come in they started making me come in at 2  or 3 like no. I asked for cashier shifts because i do enjoy cashiering a lot but they would not give me any

So with all this  noticed mid June I started to get depressed and dreaded working. I hated it so much. That’s when i decided that I would tell them the first week of July that I’m leaving th job on the 29th of July for seasonal and would be back next summer. well the hr whom told me that I would be able to come back said “you haven’t been 90 days  we can’t take you as seasonal so you have to voluntarily resign “ WHY DID YOU TELL ME I COULD COME BACK. Then she told me i would be at 90 days if i worked gonna be in another state at the school I’ve been going to for 3 years and that definitely wouldn’t have been 90 days. So I filled out the voluntary resignation paper put July 29th as my last day and tried to work up to it. Well today is the 16th of July and my family and I are at a hotel. Long story short whoever built the house let mold accumulate in the pipes so we have to leave so they can clean it out. But the hotel is so far away from all our jobs. Today i worked 8-4 and the whole time I’m thinking why am I here? ifs my last 2 weeks and I saved a lot of money so I’m like why am I here? Tomorrow it says i work 3-11:30 which is close I am not working that. I am calling tomorrow morning speaking to the Hr and telling them politely of course that i am leaving earlier than the 29th and thank you for the opportunity. And Saturday I’ll return my badge and team member discount card. I AM So happy to be done with this job.


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  • ghost22 says:

    Honestly, I was depressed as well they just kept putting me on all the cart shifts and said it would be temporary. They openly lied to me many times on cutting down on hours on carts and instead would cut my cashiering hours and stick me on more cart hours. I love the outdoors when it comes to hiking, but carts had me capped at 25 carts which made it next to impossible to keep up. I tried doing more within reason 30 but would get a warning anyway to only do 25. So, I chose to do it by hand which went a lot faster. Long story short they did not give a flying shit about me as a person. I mean who likes being ordered around by people who can't even act their own age. I even caught the ETL and the STL laughing at me while chatting in dam cart bay. Those two I hope don't get promoted to the next level as they clearly act like teenagers instead of their own age.


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