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August 3, 2013 - Dilbert101

Past experiences

Some friends just shared this site with me,my first of many blogs.

Rather than rambling, each will be short and sweet, to enhance greater interest. My first years with T were good, until they changed their business plan. Most stores will rotate their management teams about every 18 months, to broaden their experience in different settings, I was forced out by a manager who had been in place, way over that  period. For the sole purpose of getting others to quit or be fired.

I knew a Team Lead who was in the store with me for quite some time, as she walked by my Dept, I said hi to her, and she was just out of view, when she turned to come back to say that her last day was today, and that she was transferring to another location.  When I asked why, I could see tears forming, as she told me that the STL  was trying to find fault in everything she did, and she was written up for not enough cross trained team members, where in fact, she had more than any other store in the district. I don’t know her fate, after she left. She had 10 + yrs of service and benefits, you do the math.


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