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September 1, 2015 - adamf

Overpriced and too wrapped up in liberal politics

Hello, I stumbled across this site while Googling for gun targets. I read a couple posts and got the impression that this site is primarily for employees who want to vent? As a consumer who has never worked at Target, I wanted to share my impressions:

  1. I have ALWAYS found Target to be overpriced when compared to comparable stores (Walmart or even smaller regional vendors)  And I’m not talking about comparing Brand X to Brand Y.  I’m saying if I go into Walmart and buy a box of “Oreo Cookies” for $2.50, that same box (size, type, quantity, expiration date — everything the same) is going to cost at least $3.50 at Target.  It’s the EXACT SAME product, packaged by the same manufacturer. The only difference is it was sold to Target instead of another vendor. Sadly, it’s not just cookies that are overpriced — every item you compare is overpriced.
  2. I realize that Target has likely inflated their prices so they can give “discounts” to customers who like to play the coupon or customer loyalty program games….but I don’t like playing those games. The vendor who sells the product at a fair price without the games will always win my business.
  3. I perceive Target as being anti-traditional family. They seem obsessed with endorsing same sex relationships and other leftist political issues that I don’t agree with. It’s their store and they can do what they want, but they surely must know they are alienating a large segment of the US population.
  4. I used to buy cooking utensils, dishes, etc. from Target because they seemed to have a wider selection of products that were made in the USA.  (Walmart has a lot of China items so I won’t buy those from them either)  However, the last time I was at Target (1 day out of a 5 year span without visiting), my credit card number was compromised by their data breach.  I took that as an omen and I now purchase everything cookware from other vendors.
  5. Target doesn’t sell handgun/rifle ammunition.  Walmart speeds my shopping experience by saving me trips to Cabelas, Dicks, Gander Mountain, etc.
  6. I had to smile when I read other posts talking about cashiers offering Target’s credit card thing to customers.  I hate that (Walmart does it too sometimes).  If I want to sign up for another credit card, I’ll ask.  I just want the checkout process to be as fast a possible.
  7. Usually Target has 30 checkout lanes but only 3 of them have cashiers in them.

Anyways, these are my contributions as to why I do not shop at Target.




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  • Bombcar says:

    Target also has a corporate culture of deceit. Back in 2008 when I started and up until maybe 2012 or 2013 Target would promote itself as a welcoming and diverse company. But it also would not provide benefits if you were homosexual/lesbian because the IRS didn't recognize those benefits as tax deductible for the company.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Wow! Just wow. I find it so amazing that it can be considered a political statement to treat all HUMANS with respect. Please and thank you for staying out of Target. Treating humans with respect is one of the few things Target does right.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    So how does Target verfiy a person's sexual preference? And the IRS? I don't ever remember checking a box. It is more liking that health benefits are tied to the number of hours worked. Granted Target is not a humanitarian company and the working conditions suck, they do plenty wrong on their own no need to make stuff up.

  • chu89 says:

    Waaaaaah I hate Target cause they uphold separation of church and state... and won't let me buy mer gunzzzzz 🙁

  • IncomeAndGrowth says:

    I disagree that Target is liberal. If anything, their anti-union employment video, in which they call unions a "business," should indicate that they aren't liberals. They're also getting into the credit business, which is something I don't see liberals doing.


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