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February 3, 2016 - 666target666

Over Target

I’ve been working at target fr a couple of months now as a cashier i’ve passed my 90 days and from the start have gotten the most redcards out of any other cashier, BUT THAT STILL ISNT ENOUGH!!! The gstls constantly tell me i’m short of my redcard goal meanwhile everyone else gets zero, and as if tht isnt enough they tell me i need to get survey’s !!! i’m trained in many areas of the store and some of the newer employees even think i’m a gstl and come to me for help because the actual gstls are never around!!



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  • viciousdave says:

    Sounds like you should. I got the same situation as I've been there 8 years, a lot of people come to me for help on things with cashier things as I'm a cashier. New people I always help, I should be a leader to as I help others a lot, so when there's no GSTL, I'm there. Target, so stupid and lazy as shit leaders. I wish they would actually get real college leaders as I went to college for retail and yet they say oh no you can't be a leader that takes practice. Oh so this college means shit to you? College doesn't mean crap now to nothing for me.

  • bellskod says:

    Look I cannot with all this complaining! First off just because you know can get redcards, work a register and help others doesn't mean you have leadership skills to run a whole department. I admit sometimes these leaders are a joke and it happens a lot in old stores where the leaders have been in position for yeeeeearrsss. Target is a retail giant so it's crazy in all aspects and will always expect more. So suck it up or leave and Dave I'm pretty sure there isn't any such thing as a major in retail.


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