Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

November 6, 2011 - etbow23

Oppressive work environment

Target isn’t the worst job I’ve ever had. I’ve had worse. Nonetheless it is a job that I dread going to today. The management is oppressive and often semi-illiterate, and the customers are often very rude.

Today when I arrived my manager confronted me and said “I expect 2 red cards from you today, you’re working eight hours”. I corrected her, telling her that I was only working five hours that day.  Sometimes I feel as if when I do actually get red cards, I get no recognition. At most, I get a stupid “spot” card.  It’s like, they pressure you so much, then when you actually do it, no one says anything, not even a good job. The other day one manager was pressuring me at the beginning of my shift. I got a red card later and told him, and he was like “good” or something like that and kept walking.

I notice with a few managers…they honestly are very unintelligent. Not all, but it seems a few are. I see how they often write with incorrect grammar/misspelled words. This is good…things go out of their mouths and usually it’s forgotten. They are not a sponge like me, sadly. I am destined to soak up all the hate from around me. In terms of customers. lol.

If you are standing still for a second, expect to be hounded, even if there is nothing to do.  So, usually I just pretend to do something, to avoid being bossed around…once, the LOD told me to walk around the store (I’m a cashier) and ask people, “Can I help you?”–to make matters worse, my GSTL gave me a handful of red card brochures to hand out. I didn’t. Lol. And of course, they ended up calling me for back up (helping the other sole cashier they left with the line).

As for customers, there are some that are nice. Of course. But then there are some that have treated me as though I am lower than dirt. As a matter of fact, I’m a student, this isn’t my career destiny.  I’ve been cursed at, ignored, forced to listen to someone’s loud cell phone conversation while I’m ignored, talked to like I’m an idiot, forced to count out mountains of change, given empty slimy bottles/wrappers from spoiled children for me to ring up and throw away, I’ve had people refuse to leave my line so I can take my break or go home, been blamed for money that was thrown on the belt going under the conveyor belt, and otherwise treated like a nobody. All I can say, sometimes this job makes me hate people and their ignorance—their use of double bags for 1/2 pound items, their out-of-control spawn, their packaged and sugar-filled foods.  On the bright side, it’s taught me to believe strongly in karma, and how the energy that you give off to others around you…it’s a strong indicator of who you are.


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  • hydroa says:

    dont u love how they hire people just out of school with a shitty degree and u have trained them yourself and then they tell u how to do your job and u look at them like what the hell u talking about i showed u how to do this....and do they have "if your in the service u have a job here a target" posted on the wall of the recruitment office of every gov. services?????? funny shit........ Attention targeteer's stand straight team

  • kimmie3 says:

    I was hired on for seasonal postion and I can't believe they give u a book and they leave u by yourself at the register to learn on your own!!! What a joke!!! Then if u do something wrong the team leaders go in a huddle and back stab you!! I would hear all the team leaders talk about everyone!!!! They don't even like helping you when you need help!!! They rather not help you and let u figure it out on your own!! Then they talk down to you like your a 2 yr old!! TOTAL BACKSTABBING!!!!!! I was cashiering one day and this girl came in my line and said the man working at customer service was so rude!!! Who do I speak to about him and I said which one is it and she pointed him out to me and sure enough it was one of the supervisors. He yelled at me before!! He has many masks that he uses!!!! Boy he was totally different when I first met him!!! Not the true color!!!! Target treats the employees like you are dirt under their shoes!!! NO RESPECT!!!!!!!!! They need to be trained on how to treat someone with respect!!! Thank God i won't be working there too much longer!!!!!!!

  • CommonSense says:

    LMAO. im a cashier, this is so true!!!


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