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December 18, 2014 - summerhelp

One small mistake

so one day I’m checking guests out. This one lady….let’s call her Suzan. Suzan comes to my register happy and nice. I greet her nicely. I begin to check her out. She only had four items up there. So I get to her last item and this rude woman who ends up being Suzan’s friend comes to my register. Let’s call the rude woman Betty. So betty grabs her item which is like the bottle with the hand soap in it. I asked her nicely “This is your item?” And she responds “ugh yeah” rudely. So I ignored her.  So I go back to checking Suzan out and suzan hands me her money. I admit I was going to fast when I entered in the amount of money she gave me. So I gave her too much money back. She was nice about it at first after I apologized over four times because I was a little embarrassed. But it’s human error. So anyway I check Betty ugly ass out and Betty tells me “I’m giving you a 20 so you owe 17 back”. I looked at her for a minute and said “yeah I know the screen tells me” and she mutters something under her breath after I gave her  her change. Now guests kill me. You can be rude as hell to me but I can’t be rude. Eff that. Target guests are cruel  were all human and we all make mistakes. I don’t need this mess


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  • viciousdave says:

    I don't know how long you've been there but you'll get used to it. I've been there 7 years and for a reason. I've learned that living the way I do is something I've learned to like. I have had many health problems in my life time and I'm only 27 now. I just got tenitus, fuzzy hearing. So I'm on sick leave until next year I finally get my hearing aid, it's a long process with steroids. Anyways, along with my sicknesses it's because of a slight slow slow growth of a benign tumor in my brain blocking my hearing ceptical colax in my brain. I can't hear well now so I can't drive and never have anyway as I just can't afford it anytime either. My job at Target is close to where I live. That's why it's nice to still have it so I can just walk to it. No bus money to need. I'm very individual and introvert so people aren't my thing but I learned to be fake and give adequite I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, I'm sorry, I am half deaf mam, sir. I have to tell people of my health problems and usually it helps and they get steady with me and more less grumpy. Just be nice, ask about bag they want, learn the numbers and overtime you know them all almost but like 5 to 10 or so of the food items, and I know all the corrective actions of money and fix this price and up to $20 correction allowed or than if more than that you need GSTL, in my store anyway that's our correction action to call GSTL if a price difference is more than 20. If more than anything it's most nice to see the same co workers everyday and still a crap job to try to say hi to complete strangers I hate that part. But I get happy about it sometimes, not much. But if the job is close, keep it, save money. I have no car, no cell phone because I'm introverted and don't have many friends anyway, and cheap rent a few blocks from job. Live life cheap while you can! The value of money is crap these days. Save it up like I do and by the time you become an old geeser you have saved up thousands! Just some advice I found over the course of my life with Target.

  • SusieH says:

    I hate when people are like that. I had people tell mehow to do my job. I felt like saying hey, i could do this job on heroin-- I got this shit. Relax people.

    also i dont like to give half empty bags and some fuck tried to tell me how to bag. ULGH.

    • viciousdave says:

      Yeah a lot of old people and people with strong OCD do that a lot. Like this young guy about my age who's homeless or something studders a lot to me, and always talks to me a lot, I don't complain though, and he always talks to me about some recent video games and great they are and stuff, cool, oh yeah I played that too, talks forever even when more guests I need to check out come, and he wants double paper bags always and he doesn't buy much anyway. Old people are always like, eggs in a seperate plastic bag, and it's like, yeah, I always put the cans first so duh I'm not gonna crush your cookies and bread and eggs and other soft junk. Not too heavy now. Oh this is too heavy, only 3 cans and bagels and a long light can of pringles chips. That's heavy?! WTF?! That's like 1 pound. And you want paper?! WTF? If you want it that light we should be using plastic as it holds less as you want. DUH DUH DUH DUH! Plastic is bad, no, only for eggs to keep safe. How the hell do you develop OCD as and old dude? ERGH!


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