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September 5, 2016 - Beebaby1997

Okay so

has anyone else had this problem? I’ve been working at target for a month and they’re already threatening to fire me? First was over customer complaints over coupons that I was told not to take the second was because I was sick and sent home early since it’s now an “attandence issue” lol I’m probably not going to make it past my thirty days but it’s a nice thought that I will??


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  • viciousdave says:

    I would say so what I'm sick. I can't help sickness, everyone tried to be healthy, sickness happens. Usually they would go if you don't follow this you're going to get fired. Yet they never have fired me. They seriously are that stupid and just don't do anything. Unless you don't come to your shift 3 days in a row, you won't get fired.

  • TarSecret says:

    I know some employees who got terminated cause of missing too much days. I was so sick of that place I will call in often since I'm leaving to a new and better job job soon then more next I was schedule to close cashier( worst job) 3 Friday nights in a row! Wtf and I finally called and said I won't be coming back! But I was there for 3 years not just 30 days member you better be on your death bed if your sick. If you plan on leaving terminate yourself that way you don't have to tell your next . employer you got fired from tarshit

    • viciousdave says:

      Although, if you want to get those get paid while finding a job places, well they will only pay you if you got fired. If you quit than those places will go you quit, it's your own fault you don't have a job! But a lot of people I know got fired and than they go to those find job business places and than they pay you some money until you are hired at a new job.

  • Silverfox says:

    hmmm act like a girl and faint on them?

  • Megan41197 says:

    I quit the hell hole tonight because of the same reason. My team lead constantly picked on me. Not picked everything , yelled at me for not smiling, when no one fucking smiled. She also constantly threatened to fire me cause I wasn't friendly to other employees. Biiitch I don't get paid to make friends. Tonight she told me to clear the bins at guest services and so I was and she yelled at me for taking everyone's go backs. I was like WTF you told me to. She said I didn't mean everything. Like okay?!! Then she said I'm not keeping you after your 90 days. So I handed her my walkie and name tag and said I'm fucking done.


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