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February 3, 2015 - frickentarget

Okay so

of course I loved my job at first but now I’m just over it. I’m over rude people, red cards, and are you open? When your light is clearly on but when your light is off rude fucks just walk right on in… Honestly on this site I’ve noticed yall seem to pick on each other cause of the positions but I’ve worked flow, toys, electronics, hardlines, and cashier. Guess what?! We all have it hard one way or another! From cashiers getting chewed out for not getting red cards to hardlines not finishing baskets of stray fast enough. Target sucks okay bye


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  • valerie says:

    I get more guests coming into my line when my light is turned off, I swear to god. And I'm one of the nicer cashiers so I still take like 2-3 guests even after my light has been off. I have to finally tell people to stop (this is on the really busy days on), or else I would never get to go home, and they get pissed at me. Every single time I tell them. They stare at me with a bank face and say in a really rude nasty tone "really?" and I'm like UM YEA IVE LITERALLY BEEN WORKING ALL FUCKING DAY AND WAS SUPPOSED TO GO HOME 20 FUCKING MINUTES AGO . ok I don't say that but omg i want to..

  • rainprincess64 says:

    YES! I am so tired of people asking me "are you open?" when I am standing there with my light on, yet God forbid the moment I step away while cleaning up my area (hangers, re-shop, getting more gift cards, etc.) someone walks right up or better yet run to my line when the light is obviously not on anymore. Of course, I never have issues with saying "Sorry, my lane is closed" once I see them walk up. One guy had the audacity to say he was there when my line closed when he was not, although the GSTL sent him to another line anyways LOL!

    • Silverfox says:

      yes yes! lol, closing was a major pain in the butt. Then we got closing signs! YAY! When we didn't, we would tell the last customer in line to tell the customers lining up behind them that we were closed. That usually works. ;). So if you aren't paying attention, your customers will help ya out. Since the idiots would line up when you aren't looking.People would go but but i only have one item! Can't you help me too? I always say no sorry I'm closed. If I did that for every person who did that, I'd never get to go home.

  • viciousdave says:

    Oh god, finally, some people who have it like I do, haven't heard this yet on here. I have light on, woman comes in, uh are you open? DUH THE LIGHT IS ON! OMG. But when the light is off, oh this guys open lets get in. Uh no, are you people stupid? When the light goes off that means that guy is going home and has done his day of work. Haven't yah been to Kmart and Walmart? Light on, go in, light off, the worker is gone or going home. DUH DUH DUH Many guys and women have said when I turn light off, run in and say no you don't go away, you check me out, I turned light off, my time is up for today, I have to go when my time is up. No you do me now or I tell manager on you! Yeah ok, whatever, you didn't get my name! HAHAHA! I'm a short guy and have some bad health issues of cancer and fatigue daily so I guess that's why managment lets me get away with so much stuff like I come in late sometimes cause I am just way too tired or the stupid light on are you open light turn off guys rushes in. One time I got caught by GSTL turning my light off and than person rushed in and I said my time is up, I'm done with work as I was scheduled till now, GSTL says no you still do the work that's not right to say. WHAT? WTF? I said to that bitch I'm 20 minutes past getting off, I am tired and ache like hell, and it's not fair to me that these people rush in when it's my time to go and I went away. Now they learned and when my shift is over they let me go. Any customer who gets angry is talked to by GSTL I'm sorry sir but did you not see that this lane light was not on, if it's not on a Target worker is working another thing here or they have finished there shift, and than the GSTL does that persons order.


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