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July 25, 2011 - Phoenix

Oh really now? C’mon.

I’ve been working at Target for about a month now part-time until I have to return to school in September. The pay isn’t bad (8.00 p/h) although, it’s not the most. I was hired Hardlines in May, but started working in June due to the Target being a new store and such. Honestly, I was pretty excited. It was my very first job that I would ever have and it felt good being able to make money for myself instead of having to ask my parents for everything. Yet, somehow, it felt like the worst mistake I’ve made. Now, I dunno if any other team members who work at other Target stores feel the same way, but the guests tend to be either rude, snobbish, or just down right immature. Especially the teenagers, who look old enough to do what I’m doing (which is getting a damn job). They do things intentionally just to overwork the employees. Don’t get me wrong, work isn’t easy and I understand what I need to do to keep my job, but I’m the type of person that if I feel that I’m being treated badly by either customers or my own team, then I’m out of there.

So, today is what sort of just pissed me off. Not sure if it was because I’m sick today, but me being a 97 pound human being having to lift a huge heavy box…I’m just not being paid enough to do all of that. A guest had wanted help on getting a mini-fridge. The box was pretty huge, so I called in for a team lift since I was too small to do it alone, which I had to do anyway. I had to go in the back, get a cart, and then take it up, hoping that another team member (who I called for) would be there to help. They didn’t. I had to literally lift that heavy box BY MYSELF. Only to find out that when I brought it up to the cash register for her to purchase, the c**t says she’ll just go to Wal-Mart and by it there instead because it is cheaper. I wanted to scream. I wanted to say, so you had me carry that heavy piece of s**t all the way up here, just so you can say you don’t want it? Despite the fact that I’m small, have no muscle, a female, and had to strain to carry it for you? After that, I had to carry it back and take that heavy cart back too. Simply put, I don’t even feel like going back there. This is the fourth time that I asked for team member help and never gotten it.


They also weren’t very helpful with training either. I figure I will stay there until I can find something better, otherwise, when I do, I will quit right away. They sure don’t treat their team members as well as they should. Plus, their huddles are so ridiculous that every time I attend one, I want to puke.


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