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January 17, 2017 - screwmanagement

No talking or fun

When I first started working at target in 2012 I was a college freshman trying to make a little bit of extra money for payments. At first I couldn’t believe my luck I made a lot of new friends and all of management really seemed to take a general liking to me. This was most likely because at the time I was getting multiple red cards a day. Slowly though they started realizing that at some moments throughout my shift I could be seen at electronics talking to a friend or while up at the service desk I would make a joke. So I get called in for a meeting yesterday to discuss my performance and how I’m not allowed to socialize with anyone anymore, I’m not allowed to go up to the service desk to grab my reshot, and when the lod dickhead that talked to me passed by I had to do whatever he said but I wasn’t allowed to be talking to anyone or generally having a little bit of fun while working. In my opinion and others I’m a good worker, I always finish my zone, I never leave any reshop, and I consistently get good customer reviews. But now the managers are trying to take away what makes me me, since I have ADHD there are moments where I’m legitimately having trouble concentrating so I stop working for a second, now I’m not allowed to do that. Also I generally like making people laugh but now I’m being forced to choose between quitting since target is now a very terrible environment to work at with absolutely no fun allowed, or stay and be forced to bow to my lods commands. This really pisses me off because we’re supposed to be FAST FUN AND FRIENDLY but all the LODs now care about is fast


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  • Rav3n says:

    They beat you down. You can work your ass off and never get a thank you, but my god you call in once and that is all they can remember about you. You speak up about being treated fairly, you go down on their list. It sucks!!

    • screwmanagement says:

      Exactly, like I've worked their for a good number of YEARS but every time they see me they never remember the good things I've done. The other day I got yelled at for "not moving as fast as I usually do" when I was sick and knew I would get in trouble for calling in, and I was still moving faster than all the LODS and 90% of the store

    • bigrog44 says:

      You are right on the money.

    • bigrog44 says:

      That was my mistake, I spoke up for myself and they find any excuse to take back to the office to talk to me. They like to do that at the end of my shift so I don't have any time to speak up for myself because they know I rely on public transportation. They just give me time to sign a piece of paper that does not make any kind of sense.

  • TheBoxMan says:

    NEVER QUIT! Get them to fire you in a way you get unemployment instead. Much smarter.

    The company is a joke. Its a sinking ship in a changing economy. In 10 years they will just be a footnote in retail history. The writing is literally on the wall.

    I have no reason to work harder or faster and I laugh at the people that do hurry and worry about Tarshit. Its not worth it. You don't get paid enough to care and unlike other companies there is no profit sharing, and you don't get the bonus for working harder that the higher ups do for your work. In 5 years I have never attempted to shill a red card #FlowLife, nor do I have one myself. Target proved it can't be trusted with user data years ago and even now their IT contractors are a joke and their IT systems are rubbish. and Im not going to start shilling red cards because I have no reason to. Maybe if the reward was a blowjob from the cutest girl in the store (Im a man that talks like a man. I know its rare but I think being unadulterated can drive a point here) and a cup of hot chocolate (sounds nice dont it) or literally anything, than maybe I would give a shit. But frankly my dear, I really don't give a damn, and neither should you.

    I tell people I get close with, don't work to hard or they will expect it from you. Often I get back "yeah I had that happen here already". I just put my hours in and do my job. Idgaf about anything buy my pay.

    Target is like some Communist bubble where its "capitalist" but everyone works and acts in the company like its Communist. The commissars worry about their party benefits and bonus and thats it, everything you need is either rationed or the company gives you the wrong thing or gives you nothing, unfair demands are constantly made, and no one has any reason to work harder or stand out since no one can really move directly upwards and the best you can get is a diagonal shift without the right connections or the right papers, comrade.


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