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March 19, 2016 - bamafanforlife

No one cares

What made me so mad about Target is that if a team member is  No Call/No Show  not one person from HR or even their TL will call to see why.  They don’t give a shit about you and don’t fucking care why you were not at work and didn’t call out.  My hours were cut so much to the point that I was getting put on the schedule every other week and not even close to 40 hours after they told me I would get 40 hours every week.  Then the new STL changed everything and the ETL and TL that had told me I was guaranteed 40 hours a week just acted like a bunch of kiss ass pricks and let the STL take away my hours. I couldn’t even afford the gas to get there most of the time and had to call out because I couldn’t get there on a empty gas tank. Now the fucktards have denied my unemployment compensation after firing me for too many No Call/No Shows, like the fucking money is coming out of their pocket.  I worked my ass of at Target and was wanting to make a career there, but being that I am way over the legal drinking age it wasn’t going to happen.  Target is fine with working older team members as long as they don’t aspire to move up in the company.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Listen if you're not getting 40 hours a week and you want 40 hours a week THERE IS ZERO REASON FOR YOU TO BE NO CALL NO SHOWING ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS! Honestly talk about a contradiction. Target has really low standards for showing up to work. I worked at Home Improvement store for 6 years where if you called in 3 days in a 90-day period you would be FIRED. No call twice and your FIRED. If you called in once and were late 3 other times FIRED. At my Target people would call no show all the time, and nothing. Instead they would blame the people who actually came to work for lack of production.

    Anyways the part I do agree with you with is the promised hours. When I was hired by Target I was told I would be working 4-days a week and be around 18-24 hours a week. Well before I knew I was there 6-days a week. I was also being asked to stay late almost every day because people NEVER CAME TO WORK!

    The next part I do agree with you on is them not calling you if you don't show up. My other job I referenced would have called to see where you were, maybe something happened. Well when I left Target for good. I simply just stop showing up. Not one call from Target! Where are you? Are you okay? Why are you not at work? NOTHING! I could have been in a hospital for all they know. I could have been dead in my apartment!

    Target has unobtainable expectations! No concept of what a team really is! Clueless leadership! Zero communication! Horrible training! Easily the worst place I have worked. I would have fired you too. Don't tell me you need your 40 hours a week then not show up on multiple occasions...


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