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July 15, 2013 - katiepurrs

No experience? No problem you’re hired as an Etl just because you have a degree in Physic Education

97% of all new etl’s don’t have at least one day in retail experience and they get hired by this company. Sure we’ll train you, just walk around and sit in the tsc and pretend to be busy on the computer. The best one yet is when the operations executive team leader is “training” the intern and as soon as his store team lead walks up to them “loafing” he replies: I was showing her what all we do at guest service with returns as he’s asked by his superior “what are you doing?”. Epic!!

So basically if you have a degree in eating boogers just apply at your nearest target and you too can hold a key to the store and walk around and pretend to be a top performer when in reality you suck donkey dick.

But anyway just roll with the punches wear ALOT of chap stick in case you get chapped lips from kissing ass to be in the “cool” circle. oh and wipe the tip of your nose once in a while from being a brown-noser too. Ya’ll should be ashamed and embarrassed.


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  • ashlanhoho1 says:

    HAHAH seriously laughed out loud at the "if you have a degree in eating boogers" part. So fucking true.

  • KEENtan says:

    Studied PE?

    You sound great for an ETLAP job!

    Wait, someone in your store has a degree in criminal justice and two years of AP experience?

    Oh, they are only a TPS...fuck them, you're hired!

  • katiepurrs says:

    Hahahahahaha! KEENtan oh my god that is so funny but true, I get they sit in their asses in the AP office flicking boogers at the screen lmfao. So check this one out: my old STL called me over to a register cause she didnt know how to put in a new roll of receipt paper can you believe that!

  • ExTargetDrone says:

    Lol, that was a funny one. Al my former store most of the TPS's looked like they failed PE more than once in their lives.


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